NCS Executives Urged to Uphold Professionalism, Innovation

NCS Executives Urged to Uphold Professionalism, Innovation

Emma Okonji

The newly elected executives of the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS), have been urged to maintain professionalism in discharging their duties in the next two years of their tenure, while ensuring technology innovation that will help the new administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to succeed.

Guest Speaker, Mr. Muhammed Rudman, who is the chief executive officer of Internet Xchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN), gave the charge recently, while delivering a keynote at the first strategy meeting of the newly elected members of the National Executive Council of NCS.

They were elected last month during the 2023 Annual General Meeting of NCS, which held in Bauchi, and had their first NEC meeting last week in Lagos.

Rudman urged the newly elected members to drop every form of sentiment and embrace professionalism in order to succeed in discharging their duties.

“Those that drafted the NCS Constitution, did so in the best interest of Nigerians and the Information Technology (IT) professionals of Nigeria, with the purpose to drive development in the country and unity among its members who are IT professionals. Therefore there is need for each NEC member to have an independent mindset that will help them take decision that will benefit NCS members and Nigeria at large. Members must learn to drop their personal interest and embrace the common interest of NCS in order to forge ahead as a united body,” Rudman said, while warning against any form of conflict of interest.

He stressed the need for members to embrace collegiality and unity that would enable them operate as companions and still challenge the position of others when they are pushing any agenda that will not be beneficial to the generality of its members.

Rudman also stressed the need for NEC members to take the welfare and training of staff more seriously, to enable productivity across board.

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