Has Rotimi Amaechi Gone on Political Siberia?

Has Rotimi Amaechi Gone on Political Siberia?

Human life is only so ordinary. For any individual that overextends themself in the pursuit of power, much disappointment is lying in wait. Such is the case of former Rivers State governor and Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi. After several months of apparent rest, it appears as if all attempts to emerge as a phoenix from obscurity proved unsuccessful.

Critics are currently exhausting themselves as they scrutinise the life and times of Amaechi. Believed to be locked in a cave of self-examination and futile but reserved repentance, the former power broker from Rivers appears to have resigned to his new fate.

Since losing his political mandate to the current President of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu, Amaechi has virtually disappeared into obscurity. Initially assumed to be crouching so that he can spring back to political relevance, Amaechi remains inactive, leading attentive folks to think that he has reached the end of his rope.

Many would recall the glory and grace of Amaechi at his peak. Even before coming to the national scene, he wielded great authority in Rivers and handled everything with absolute domination, never retreating from a fight. This attitude intensified when he became the Minister of Transport, so much so that he is thought to have attempted to wrestle with his governorship successor, Nyesom Wike, for the position of Number One Rivers Person.

Critics of Amaechi will quickly point out scores of formerly high-ranking government officials that he booted out of power to pave the way for members of his coterie. Alas, those days are gone and may never return.

At least, this is the overwhelming belief. And if it so happens that Amaechi is only on a political holiday and will eventually find his way back to the top, well, he would have been left behind by former peers, all of whom are currently working their way to the top.

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