Huawei, MTN and Baze University Sign Tripartite Partnership To Boost Digital Learning

Huawei, MTN and Baze University Sign Tripartite Partnership To Boost Digital Learning

L-R: Deputy vice chancellor IT, Research and Innovation, Baze University, Dr. Rislan Kanya; General manager Enterprise, MTN, Charles Okonkwo; Ag.Vice chancellor, Baze University, Prof. Kathleen Ebele Okafor; Registrar of the University, Dr. Jamila Shu’ara and Key Account Director, Huawei Nigeria, Joey Wu during the Launch of Huawei, G5 at the Baze & MTN Huawei 5G Smart Education Launch event held at the Bazs University in Abuja, yesterday.

Global Information and Communication Technology infrastructure provider, Huawei, has signed a tripartite partnership with MTN Nigeria and Baze University, Abuja, to harness the power of fifth-generation (5G) technology and unlock opportunities for educational institutions and businesses across Nigeria.

The groundbreaking 5GtoB launch event, where the technology firms and Baze University signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU), was hosted by BAZE University in Abuja, yesterday. It was an historic event that witnessed Nigeria’s first-ever 5G2B initiative, especially in the education sector.

Stakeholders at the launching of the deal said 5G represents the next frontier in technology — a game-changer that promises to revolutionize industries, enhance education, and fuel innovation. The partnership of Huawei, MTN, and Baze University, they said, symbolizes an effort aimed at harnessing the power of 5G to unlock opportunities for educational institutions and businesses across Nigeria.

Speaking at the event, Key Account Director of Huawei Technologies Company Nigeria Limited, Joey Wu, described the partnership as a visionary journey to redefine the landscape of education in Nigeria, adding that it is not just a plan; it’s a bold step into the future.

Earlier in his speech at the event, Wu said that with the support of Huawei and MTN, Baze University is building a 5G campus that goes beyond imagination. He said it is a campus that embraces the cutting-edge technologies of our time.

“Holographic projection and AR VR are not just buzzwords here; they are tools that will revolutionize the way our students learn and interact with their environment. As we gather here today, let us reflect on the immense potential that 5G technology brings to education and businesses alike. It is not merely about faster internet speeds; it is about unlocking opportunities, fostering innovation, connecting people and ideas like never before.

“In the future, we will continue to explore the limitless possibilities that 5G technology offers to business and the education sector. Together, we will chart the course for a future where connectivity empowers, knowledge flourishes, and Nigeria continues its journey towards technological excellence. Let us remember that the future is not a destination; it is a collective endeavor. Together, we will shape the future of 5G technology in Nigeria, and in doing so, we will unlock boundless opportunities for everyone.”

MTN Nigeria also said it is leveraging 5G technology to drive economic growth, enhance lives and experiences in Nigeria, while empowering businesses to thrive in a digital world. In her speech, Chief Enterprise Business Officer of MTN Nigeria, Lynda Saint-Nwafor, stated that for Baze University, the partnership opens the door to a world of possibilities in education.

According to her, MTN believes that 5G will transform ways of teaching and learning in Nigeria as well as expanding access to quality education and enable remote learning like never before.

She said, “This, indeed, positions Baze University as a model for educational excellence where the boundaries of traditional education are redefined. Huawei, our partner in this groundbreaking collaboration, brings onboard its expertise and legacy of driving digital transformation. Together, the full potential of 5G technology to enhance educational outcomes will be unlocked. The synergy with this tripartite partnership is a transformative force that propels us toward a future where education knows no boundaries. This is a testament to what can be achieved when visionary organizations come together with a shared purpose.”

Ag Vice-Chancellor of Baze University, Prof Kathleen Ebele Okafor, said the school likes to be a trailblazer in everything it is doing. She also appreciated the partnership with Huawei and MTN. According to her, the school is very proud of the development. “And it is a privilege for us to partner with Huawei and MTN on this project,” she said.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, IT Research and Innovation of the school, Dr Abdulazeez Kanya Rislana said the university is now looking at unlocking the potentials of security and safety of the campus.
He said, “With this, we can improve teaching and learning and improve healthcare education. We look forward to doing more. We look forward to launching this same thing in our university in Kano. Virtual reality classes can be done with this new technology to improve the well-being of elderly people. We want to support teaching beyond science and tech. With this, we can have learning close to our heart.”

Huawei Nigeria is a technology company leading in ICT and has been committed to providing connectivity for Nigeria since 1999. More than that, the company states that it is also committed to developing ICT talent for Nigeria.

In addition, Huawei and MTN have a long history of cooperation. In August 2022, Huawei and MTN launched Nigeria’s first 5G network to promote the development of broadband services in Nigeria. Digital transformation in industrial parks, education, medical care, ports, and mining provides a new generation of digital infrastructure. And education is an important part of Nigeria’s digital transformation.

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