Henkel Researchers’ World Initiative: Empowering Over 1,000 Young Nigerian Pupils 

Henkel Researchers’ World Initiative: Empowering Over 1,000 Young Nigerian Pupils 

Henkel, a German multinational and renowned manufacturer of WAW and Nittol detergent in partnership with the Girls and Women’s Technological Empowerment Organization, have successfully organized an enriching end-of-session Researchers’ World activity for two select primary schools in Ibadan, Oyo State reaching 51 pupils. 

The event, which took place on August 2, 2023, was aimed at fostering educational development, empower young minds and champion science-oriented pedagogy. 

The completion of the event marked a milestone for the company as it crossed the threshold of empowering over 1,000 children since the inception of the programme in November 2021. 

Researchers’ World made its debut in Nigeria, emerging as a beacon of educational enrichment. Beginning modestly in Oyo State, the initiative initially served 20 pupils, who became the inaugural beneficiaries of its vision. 

By November 2022, the influence of Researchers’ World had reached the vibrant city of Lagos, amplified its impact and reinforced its unwavering dedication to spreading knowledge far and wide. 

Within a year, this expansion bore witness to astonishing growth, marking a significant milestone as over 1,000 pupils have reaped the benefits of the initiative, with the numbers continuing to rise.

Budding scholars from Peoples Basic School, Ring Road and CAC Primary School, Olugbode, engaged in transformative sessions spearheaded by GWTEO alongside Henkel volunteers. 

The science training focused on creating a stimulating environment where students were encouraged to explore various scientific concepts and engage in exciting hands-on experiments, fostering a passion for science from an early age. During some of the experiments undertaken, the youngsters learned to make their own adhesives and test various classes of food for the presence of starch.

The Managing Director of Henkel Nigeria, Mr. Rajat Kanpur, reinforced the organization’s commitment to empowering students through science training, stating: “At Henkel, we strongly believe in the power of education and innovation, and we are committed to playing an active role in nurturing young talents and sparking their interest in science. Through interactive and fun-filled activities, we hope to inspire the next generation of scientists and inventors.”

Throughout the session, the students were exposed to various educational workshops, interactive sessions, and hands-on activities that encouraged critical thinking, problem-solving and teamwork. 

The Girls and Women’s Technological Empowerment Organization, known for its dedication to empowering girls and young women in STEM fields, particularly emphasized the importance of gender equality in education and the opportunities available in the science and technology sector.

The Headteacher of Peoples Basic Primary School expressed delight in the outcomes of the training and commended Henkel Nigeria for its initiative in organizing such a beneficial activity for the students. 

He said: “We are grateful to Henkel Nigeria for providing our students with this unique opportunity. The activities were engaging, and we believe they will have a positive impact on the children’s educational journey.”

Echoing similar sentiments, the Chief Operating Officer of the Girl’s and Women’s Technological Empowerment Organization, Damilola Asaleye, stated that: “Witnessing this palpable zest among students has been exhilarating. Our goal is to empower and encourage young minds to pursue careers in science, technology and engineering. This session allowed us to showcase the endless possibilities that science offers.”

Henkel Nigeria is dedicated to contributing positively to the communities it operates in and believes that investing in education is vital for the sustainable development of society. By hosting this end-of-session activity event, Henkel aims to impact the student’s academic journey and inspire them to pursue careers in science-related fields.

Henkel Nigeria’s Transformation and PAG Manager, Chidera Akwuba, expressed great delight. Her words: “The Researchers’ world initiative has proven to be adequate to the cause it was postulated for. In years to come, we look forward to seeing innovations and scientific revolutions from these young pupils who are beneficiaries of this initiative even as we look towards expanding to other states.”

Henkel Nigeria remains steadfast in its commitment to societal upliftment, recognizing the pivotal role of education. By hosting this end-of-session activity, we exemplify our intent which is: molding scientific minds and inspiring a future awash with scientific vocations.

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