Okoroma Urges Engineers to Forge Legacies Beyond Infrastructure

Okoroma Urges Engineers to Forge Legacies Beyond Infrastructure

Vanessa Obioha

At the inaugural lecture held in his honour by the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), Omoku Branch, Engr. George Okoroma delivered a compelling message, urging fellow engineers to recognize their role as architects of the future, not merely builders of structures.

During his address at the event, themed “Engineering: An Investment Tool for National State Development,” Okoroma emphasized, “I firmly believe that engineers are the architects of transformation, and our collective contributions have the potential to shape the destiny of our great nation.

” We must recognize our responsibility as engineers to leave a legacy that extends beyond mere structures. Our legacy is the development we catalyze, the opportunities we create, and the lives we touch. As engineers, we aren’t just builders; we are architects of a better future.”

Okoroma’s profound sentiments resonated throughout the event, receiving support from the National President of NSE, Tasiu Gidari-Wudil, who was represented at the occasion by an NSE Vice President, Engineer Bemigho Ofoeyeno. In his address, he encouraged engineers to invest in their professional development to align with global best practices.

Okoroma, who served as the pioneer chairman of NSE, Omoku Branch, from 2012 to 2015, left an indelible mark during his tenure. His leadership was characterized by dedicated efforts to foster collaboration, advance technical excellence, and promote ethical engineering practices.

In recognition of his numerous achievements, the lecture series has been titled “Engr. George C. Okoroma Distinguished Annual Lecture Series,” as announced by the Chairman of NSE, Omoku Branch, Sunny Orike. The purpose of this series is to honour “this great father of civil engineering, who has brought immense pride to Rivers State during his lifetime,” said Orike.
The inaugural lecture series marks a significant milestone, celebrating the enduring impact of Okoroma’s remarkable career in the field of engineering.

Okoroma also held the position of past president of the Association for Consulting Engineering in Nigeria (ACEN), where his interventions in the sector left a lasting legacy, further underscoring his influence and contributions to the field.

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