Chiedu Ebie: Right Peg in Right Hole 

Chiedu Ebie: Right Peg in Right Hole 

A new dawn of governance is settling over Nigeria. Many of the individuals now tasked with bearing Nigeria’s glory forward have led brilliant lives and are now committing themselves to the nation’s progress. Chiedu Ebie is one such person, whose obligations regarding community and country distinguish him from his peers.

The voice of President Bola Tinubu has sounded forth from the place of power, appointing Ebie as the Chairman of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC). With this appointment, Nigerians are looking into every news source to determine the qualifications of the new head of the NDDC.

To the informed, Ebie is not a new name. A 51-year-old lawyer and corporate figure from Delta State, Ebie has made many marks in civil and corporate outfits. An outstanding figure for sure, Ebie’s experience as an oil and gas executive, coupled with his life’s work as one serving his nation, qualify him for the NDDC chair.

Ebie’s life may have started in Delta, but the man has touched most of the regions of Nigeria. He graduated from the University of Benin and corroborated his studies at the Nigerian Law School. Afterwards, he joined the civil service as a corporate and commercial lawyer in Lagos state.

Apart from that period of civil service in Lagos, Ebie worked as a company secretary for one of Nigeria’s big newspapers. He also afterwards became an active partner at two major law firms: Okonjo, Odiawa & Ebie, and Punuka Attorneys & Solicitors.

These experiences enabled Ebie to grasp the opportunity to work as an MD for Millennium Oil and Gas Company Limited, after a period of transitory part-time service. He also served as a Commissioner in Delta, supervising the area of Basic and Secondary Education in Delta State.

Ultimately, Ebie’s appointment is not coincidental but a recognition of ability and dedication. Nevertheless, time is going to demonstrate the wisdom of President Tinubu’s choice of Ebie over others as NDDC Chairman.

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