GTEXT Homes Unveils Sardius Estate in Abuja, 25,000 by 2035

GTEXT Homes Unveils Sardius Estate in Abuja, 25,000 by 2035

The Chief Executive Officer, GTEXT, Mrs Martha Onsachi, whose company performed a groundbreaking ceremony for their latest property, Sardius Estate, has said they plan to have 25,000 luxury serviced plots across Nigeria by 2035. Bennett Oghifo and Olawale Ajimotokan write

GTEXT Homes, a developer of smart and serviced estates, has unveiled its latest project, known as Sardius Estate in Guzape 2 in Abuja. 

The estate is perched atop the rolling heights of Guzape with the Orozo and Kurudu communities very much in sight. The area is fondly called Asokoro extension. The plan is to have 24/7 power supply with renewables included; state of the art security systems; well-planned roads network; and great landscaping. The all-inclusive estate will have facilities to ease livelihoods. There will be a shopping mall and restaurants. 

The unveiling, an elaborate ceremony, was graced by investors, marketers, realtors, who were given a presentation of the estate’s layout.

GTEXT declared the first phase as a commercial success as all the plots were sold out.

Its surveyor, Agada Harrison, said the new layout, set on two hectares of land, boasts of commercial plots, recreational centre, a shopping mall, a health centre and an administrative office.

On the whole, there are 38 plots while the second phase which is to be developed on another side of the estate will be allocated once the first phase is completed. A plot of land at Sardius Estate in Guzape is valued at N80 million.

The Chief Executive Officer, GTEXT, Mrs Martha Onsachi said the aim of the company is to have 25,000 luxury serviced plots across Nigeria by 2035.

“The plan is for us to own at least 25,000 luxury serviced homes across 36 states in Nigeria. And by doing that we go into fine locations like this to make sure we find a property that can help to achieve the vision of being the largest developers of green and smart homes come 2035. We will also make sure we carry along the poor masses. We give them a flexible payment plan for them to be able to meet up. We are here to help people,” Onsachi said.

She said the company, which was founded 15 years ago, has helped at least about 10,000 Nigerians, including those in the Diaspora to own land, including luxury, affordable and serviced property.

The company has carried out projects in Ibadan and Lagos and has also done similar property in Kurudu, Abuja where it has 25 acres of plots that were launched two years ago, in addition to Lugbe at the international airport axis.

“We own a property in Kurudu. We own about 25 acres of plot there that we launched two years ago. The land is almost sold out. It is a serviced plot. We sell serviced plots, as I said, affordable, luxury serviced plots. We have done that in Kurudu. We have done that in Lugbe. We have sold out in Lugbe. What we are selling there right now are houses and in the last two weeks, we just commissioned our sales office in Lugbe. It is something we have been doing. We have done that in Lagos, Ibadan and we are here in Guzape as well. This is the third location in Guzape,” Onsachi said.

Similarly she stated that GTEXT, founded by Simon Akintayo, has also over the time enjoyed the trust and confidence of the majority of its clients who are Nigerians in Diaspora.

“We have stories of people who send money to their relatives to buy property/land for them. At the end of the day the money just vanished and nothing to write home about and that is why a real estate company like GTEXT Home is here to help people change that narrative of sending money. Instead of sending money to your relative at least you can trust us and hold us responsible for whatever happens to your money because a family issue is going to be a family issue that you resolve.”

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