G’aza Treads A Fresh And Edgy Lane With Sabi Dem

G’aza Treads A Fresh And Edgy Lane With Sabi Dem

Emerging from the trap genre landscape that has been steadily growing in Nigeria over the last decade is the captivating G’aza. He showed he knows how to make a great first impression back in 2022 when he shared his debut single, “FLU”—an inspiring trap song that celebrates his come-up from humble beginnings in Lagos. The vivid storytelling of the lyrics highlight the incredible emotional range of his pen, reaching from relatable lows to aspirational highs.

G’aza stayed on an upward trajectory as one of the most entertaining lyricists active in the game by sharing a 6-track EP, SCATTERBRAINED (ARCADE MODE) back in March. The project offered an intimate glimpse into his diverse sound while he recounts his personal reflections on life and his encounter with women in the best way, lyrically and sonically.

The rising artist and rapper continues to push the boundaries of his craft with the release of his new single, “Sabi Dem (I’m Trying)”. The new track immerses listeners into his fresh and edgy lane with the opening angry bus-conductor skit readying listeners for the short yet impactful song.

A blend of Lagos car-park inspired ad-libs and vibey trap beats take center stage as he wastes no time telling listeners how much he’s done to get ahead in his music career. He declares confidently in the insanely catchy chorus, “Where the money at? If I switch flow you go sabi dance.” Fueled by his frustration with being underappreciated, “I’m Trying” highlights his rapturous brand of hip-hop with the clever blend of a catchy hip-hop beat and authentic Nigerian street slang.

Although rap in Nigeria is still largely seen as uncommercial, G’aza’s “Sabi Dem (I’m Trying) reminds us that its evolution is something to be celebrated.

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