State of Georgia Bestow Honorary Citizen, Humanitarian Award on Nigerian Philanthropist

Revered entrepreneur and philanthropist, Felix King Eiremiokhae has been bestowed with the Honorary Georgia Citizen for his charity works in Nigeria’s communities through his foundation, Felix King Foundation.

The honour from the State of Georgia, which took place on the floor of the Senate in Capitol building, confers on him the Goodwill Ambassadorship for the state and according to the Secretary of State, the State of Georgia, Brain P. Kemp, the honorary citizenship affords him to travel to other states and to nations beyond the borders of the United States of America, or wherever he may hereafter travel or reside with the ease and privileges of a citizen.
The resolution for the honour was Senate resolution 608 moved by senators Gloria Butler of the 55th and Seay of the 34th and adopted in the Senate on January 23, 2018.

Part of the resolution read “whereas, it is abundantly fitting and proper that the outstanding accomplishments of this remarkable individual be appropriately recognised. Now be it further resolved by the Senate that the members of the body commend Felix King Eiremiokhae for his many valuable contributions on behalf of those in need and extend best wishes for continued support.”

Reading the proclamation on the Senate Capitol in the State of Georgia, Gloria Butler, Senator representing District 55 of the state described Eiremiokhae as a philanthropist extraordinaire.

According to her, Eiremiokhae started his foundation in 2015 without enlisting the support of people and institutions other than out of his personal savings and his wife. She said that the foundation’s key objective of giving hope to the poor and vulnerable widows and their children in communities across Nigeria by transforming their lives from despair to hope through different programmes are in line with the principles the people of Georgia live by.

Apart from his involvement in several humanitarian activities that have brought succour to several poor and vulnerable women across Nigeria, King through his foundation presented a bill to the Edo State House of Assembly last year for that purpose and he is hopeful that it will be passed in 2018.”

In another development, Eiremiokhae was also bestowed with a Humanitarian Award by the Trinity International University of Ambassadors also in Georgia for his works of charity and care for widows and the vulnerable.

Appreciating Eiremiokhae’s outstanding leadership and humanitarian services, Dr. Jacqueline Mohair, Founder/Chancellor of the University, said the university gave the award “in appreciation and recognition to an outstanding leader for his visionary guidance and exceptional leadership with heartfelt thanks for your world class humanitarian services and leadership.”

Responding to the double honour, Eiremiokhae in his acceptance speech acknowledged America as a land of opportunities and one that can be likened to a land that flows with milk while Nigeria is a land of hope and hidden treasures, saying it was a true testimony of the true American values.

While in Atlanta, Eiremiokhae also paid a visit to Medshare, a humanitarian aid organisation dedicated to improving the quality of life of people, communities and the planet by sourcing and directly delivering surplus medical supplies and equipment to communities in need around the world. He discussed possible collaboration to meet the needs of many people and communities in Nigeria. The outcome of this meeting was an opportunity for the foundation to donate 50 hospital beds to one of the specialist hospitals in Nigeria.

Eiremiokhae also in his acceptance speech noted that one of the greatest catastrophes ravaging Africa today is the prejudice against widows and the vulnerable in most of the continent’s societies.”

He expressed his happiness at the award and pledged his determination to devote more of his time and resources towards making life more meaningful for the less-privileged, especially the widows and vulnerable children.
Eiremiokhae is known an entrepreneur, who conceived the idea of owning his own business early in life. In 2004, he incorporated Oracle Experience Limited and in 2014 he incorporated Mayor Biscuit Company Limited, also known as MABISCO. In a country where unemployment rate is very high, he has been able to provide employment opportunities for nearly one thousand individuals.

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