APC Has Failed Nigerians, Says CDHR

By Yinka Kolawole in  Osogbo.

The Committee for the Defence of Human Rights, (CDHR) has asserted that the All Progressives Congress, APC, government has failed Nigerians who voted for them.

The group insisted that APC has failed woefully to bring the change it promised to the people of the country during the campaign last year.

The Osun State Chairman of CDHR, Comrade Akin Ashifat, stated this during a post-June 12 symposium organized by the group in collaboration with Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM).

Ashifat, who bemoaned the government under APC, said things are getting worse under President Muhammadu Buhari, saying Nigerians voted for change and it was expected to bring change to the citizens.

The CDHR Chairman explained that the present administration has never deemed it fit to extend its war against corruption to members of its party who were also accused of involvement in one corrupt act or the other.

He said: “Nobody is changing anything. Talking about corruption, nobody is fighting anything, and corruption has come to stay in this country. Robbers are dragging robbers to court. Are there not thieves among them?”, he queried.

“Nothing has been changed in this country. The education in Nigeria has become moribund. On security, there is nothing to write home about. There is crisis here and there. The issue of Boko Haram is there. Kidnapping, pipeline bombing among other security challenges are there.

“There is strike here and there; you will not feel happy to go to the hospital when you are sick”, he added.


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