Who is After Mele Kyari?

Mele Kyari, the Group Chief Executive Officer of Nigeria National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL), has found himself at the centre of a political and economic storm. But with this trouble comes unexpected friends.

The Confederation of All Progressives Congress Support Groups (CASG) is one of the handful that have taken up arms with Kyari to fight sneaky adversaries that are asking for Kyari to be fired. According to the group, the calls for Kyari’s removal are not driven by genuine concerns but by individuals whose illicit wealth sources have been blocked by his actions.

The higher-ups of CASG are very passionate about defending Kyari. According to them, the enemies of the NNPCL boss are desperate to replace him with someone more amenable to their personal interests, after which they would then disregard the well-being of the NNPC and Nigeria.

Kyari’s troubles began when the matter of fuel prices plunged in Nigeria, leading to unreasonable and unusual hikes in price and scarcity. Going by CASG’s narrative, Kyari’s transparency and efforts to block sources of illicit wealth within the company have made him a target.

But the issues are quite deep, especially considering the tactics used by Kyari’s alleged opponents. First, there is the fact that they have launched a sponsored campaign against him, one in which they accuse him of sabotaging local refineries, including the Dangote Refinery.

Second, there is also the matter of Kyari being painted as an obstacle to national interests. In this area, Kyari stands accused of being both tribalistic and rottenly corruptible. The fact that he wears the confidence of President Bola Tinubu does nothing to nullify this allegation.

This is only the most recent of Kyari’s many challenges. Perhaps, being in the eye of the storm frequently shows how well he is working. Although, in all honesty, the ongoing fuel price and availability issues have worsened the situation for Kyari. Is there really a group of individuals plotting his downfall or is this just happenstance? Perhaps, time will tell.

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