Ibrahim Sini: A Fine Officer to Emulate

Many find it difficult to make sense of morality in times of economic hardship. In street parlance, “person wey never chop no fit see road.” But Ibrahim Sini walks a different path. In fact, given his strong sense of virtue, it is not far-fetched to say that he is charting a new course for uprightness in Nigeria.

Indeed, Superintendent of Police (SP) Sini’s story of rejecting a bribe of N150 million is a stirring tale of integrity. When Lagos businessman and founder of Platform Capital, Akintoye Akindele, allegedly attempted to corrupt the investigation against him with this substantial bribe, SP Sini stood firm and refused.

Rejecting a bribe of that magnitude, especially in the current economic climate, must have been a challenging decision. However, SP Sini chose integrity and peace of mind over personal gain, adhering to the core values of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) and maintaining the integrity of his family name.

This act of uprightness has not gone unnoticed. SP Sini’s conduct has resulted in national acclaim, bringing pride to the NPF and inspiring many Nigerians. His decision has been celebrated as a pillar of hope in the fight against corruption, demonstrating that it is possible to remain true to one’s values even in the face of great temptation.

In recognition of his exemplary conduct, SP Sini was recently honoured with a plot of land in Abuja. This gift was presented by FCT Police Commissioner CP Benneth Igweh on behalf of friends and associates of the police officer. According to Igweh and others at the event, it was the least they could do to show their appreciation and admiration for Sini’s actions.

Sini has set a new tone for integrity within Nigeria. His actions have shown that there are still officers within the NPF who are professional, ethical, and committed to meaningful policing. By rejecting the bribe, SP Sini reinforces the belief that the Force is still an institution with good people, capable of upholding the law with honour and integrity.

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