Don Bemoans Nigeria’s Colonial Mentality

David-Chyddy Eleke in Awka

A Professor of Political Science, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Professor Makodi Bieerenu-Nnabugwu, has bemoaned the level of attachment Nigeria  shares with her colonial masters, describing it as colonial mentality.

Biereenu-Nnabugwu stated this during the 102nd inaugural lecture of the institution recently, where he was the inaugural lecturer.

The don, whose area of specialisation is Political Theory and Methodology of Political Inquiry, spoke on the theme: “Reflections on the State, Classical Political Thought and the Cradle: from a Perspective Relevant and Eternal to Africa.”

He said: “We emphasise the need for the contemporary African spirit to be salvaged from the complexes and ‘inferiorisation’ consequences of ‘western’ colonization.

“The colonial experience inflicted the African mind with a mesmerising mental conditioning by which the ‘west’ bamboozled it to hopeless submission, while appropriating undue  superiority is unacceptable.”

He used the term “politicology,” to refer to the betraying arrogance of the colonialists, on their assertion that Africa has no history, pointing out that much of what is now known as classical political thought, being credited to European background, actually originated from Africa through Egypt.

The National Vice President of Nigeria Political Science Association condemned the anachronistic idea of denying Africa of her great contribution to the march for civilisation over the ages.

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