VR 1820 Partners Lagos State Government to Empower Youth

Vecchia Romagna (VR) 1820, a top Italian brand, has reinforced its position in the wines and spirits market as it sponsored the Project LOUD (Lagos of Our Dream) initiative.

The initiative is a Governor Sanwo-Olu empowerment programme targeted at equipping the youth with vocational skills.

At the graduation ceremony of the graduates of the initiative on January 31 this year in Surulere, VR 1820 empowered top students from the Mixology class with robot cocktail blenders to kickstart their careers.

The global Mixology market, which specializes in mixing cocktails, and inventing new and exotic drinks to refresh socialites in bars and at events, is projected to reach 1.4 billion USD before 2028.

The attractive size of the segment has raised the number of young people willing to build a career or business out of mixing cocktails.

VR 1820 is enabling this set of aspiring young people by sponsoring the Project LOUD Initiative where classes are organised to teach the skills.

The top graduating students of the Mixology class who received the VR 1820 branded blenders are Izegbu Ifeanyi, Iroegbulam Ijeoma, Richard Okoro, Zainab Lawal, and Baily Enoch.

The Lagos State Commissioner for Science, Innovation & Technology, Olatubosun Alake, who presented the VR 1820 robot blenders to the students, expressed the government’s commitment to equipping youth with useful skills that will help them build a business and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

The Chief Executive Officer of Fidossi Wines & Spirits, distributor of VR 1820 in Nigeria, Fidelis Egbochie said, “VR 1820 is widely regarded as ‘master of emotions’ due to its reputation in connecting people at various high level, entertaining and social events.

“The brand is committed to the Lagos state government’s aspiration of equipping young people with valuable skills that will help raise their economic contributory levels.”

He added: “We are delighted to be supporting the Project LOUD initiative. We believe in the government’s economic development agenda and we hope the beneficiaries of the initiative will go ahead to build a business out of the skills they have acquired, as well as the equipment they have received.”

Speaking on behalf of the graduates of the Mixology class, Izegbu Ifeanyi said, “I am so happy for the opportunity the government has provided for me and my colleagues to learn how to make cocktails and build a business out of it.

“Also, VR 1820 has shown extraordinary support to us by gifting us robot blenders to ensure we have the right equipment to start making money from what we have learned.”

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