Berger Paints Unveil New Logo for  Global Identity

Berger Paints Nigeria Plc has launched a new logo  in a bold move to reposition the Company for global competitiveness, increase earnings and boost shareholder value. 

In a statement, Chairman of the company, Abi Ayida explained that the logo change was consistent with the future that the firm was envisioning.

“Just like everything in life, there is a time when you refresh, modernise and update. It is the same way we do as human beings. I think there is also a natural lifespan in the company’s image and its identity and touchpoint. We have thought long and hard and we are coming out of a difficult recent past globally and a lot has changed.. Demography of our stakeholders are changing and we want that updated in a more memorable way. More than anything, we want to reduce the uncertainties. Government should create an operating environment that removes uncertainties for manufacturers. This will enable us plan. We want to be able to operate within an environment without huge shocks to the system, “Ayida said. 

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Alaba Fagun, revealed that the paint firm was repositioning itself to take over the African market.

“Berger Paints has been in existence for over 60 years. We are at the top of it as a frontline indigenous company. We produce our paints here, we don’t import it. In making our paints, we look at the terrain, the atmosphere and all the different peculiarities you would get in Nigeria to produce our paints. 

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