e-NSITF to Ensure Transparency in  Employee Compensation

Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Abuja 

The Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) has said that the digitization of its system through the e-NSITF will promote efficiency, transparency and accountability in it’s operations.

A statement by the General Manager, Corporate Affairs, Mrs. Ijeoma Orji-Okoronkwo quoted the new Managing Director of the NSITF, Mrs. Maureen Allagoa as saying that the initiative will also bring abiding benefits to the doorstep of Nigerian workers. 

Speaking at the Abuja venue of a fund-wide,  two-day training for key staff of the agency on Strategic Re-positioning, Aliagoa said the project, which is in line with the federal government policy on ease of doing business,  will increase efficiency, break all barriers to outreach, transparency and accountability while blocking all the loopholes and leakages  that badgered  the fund over the years. 

Represented by the Fund’s Executive Director, Administration, Dr. Gabriel Okenwa, Allagoa said digital technology has brought innovations to government and private businesses, which no organization can ignore without great peril. 

“Digital technology has brought great changes to businesses and the world of work in such a manner that compels organizations to align with the trend. The NSITF, which occupies a cardinal position in the nation’s social security system cannot afford to lag behind. 

“The e-NSITF whose first phase has been completed, is a practical platform which leverages on ICT to ease the implementation of Employee Compensation, by modernizing our systems and processes, while expanding our frontiers in business and social security.  

“This innovation is also stakeholder-inclusive, in that it grants our customers who are employers of labour, an unfettered access to our services by exposing them to our digital tools for interaction and business conduct. They will secure satisfaction while the accompanying instant feedback, in turn, optimizes the fund’s quality service in real time.  

“ From the comfort of the respective offices of our enrollee-employers, they can register by keying into our platform, make payment which is tracked into a central pool and seamlessly generate compliance certificates. Waiting for period unending will be eliminated.  

“ This process will also put securely behind us, every controversy over payment of claims which can now easily be tracked with the identity of the recipient in a public record.”

 The Managing Director further urged all staff to key into the reform, meant to equip and adapt them to the digitization.  She pledged the commitment of the management to improved staff welfare and other service conditions that assist efficient delivery of services.   

NSITF MD said that the end of the two-day sensitisation which is taking place simultaneously across the six zones of the country, the select staff-participants are expected to take the training to their respective 56 branches of the fund.

She said apart from boosting the fund’s digital infrastructures and equipping the staff with necessary skills and knowledge, the training will arm them for aggressive  enrolment of employers, effective and prompt payment of claims and compensation, as well as active health and safety administration. Over one thousand out of 5000 staff strength of the fund is taking part in the programme. 

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