African Folktales Reimagined Anthology Gets a Premiere Date

The Netflix and UNESCO partnership which aimed at retelling African folktales through the eyes of six emerging storytellers will be launched globally on March 29.

The anthology of six short films was launched to support the next generation of storytellers who were provided with resources including a $90 000 budget and creative guidance by established filmmakers as mentors to bring their stories to life.

The emerging filmmakers were selected in 2021 following a call for submission that resulted in over 2000 applications from 13 countries in the sub-Saharan Africa region. The emerging storytellers from Nigeria, South Africa, Mauritania, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania will see their respective short films, make their debut on Netflix, globally.

The African Folktales, Reimagined short film collection features a variety of African on-screen talent in stories by emerging African storytellers like Mohamed Echkouna from Mauritania with ‘Enmity Djinn’; Walt Mzengi Corey from Tanzania with ‘Katope’; Korede Azeez from Nigeria with ‘Zabin Halima (Halima’s Choice)’; Voline Ogutu from Kenya with ‘Anyango and the Ogre’; Loukman Ali from Uganda with ‘Katera of the Punishment Island’ and Gcobisa Yako from South Africa with ‘MaMlambo.’

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