New Engine Coolant Launched into Nigerian Automotive Market


Mary Nnah

BASF has introduced its Glysantin® branded engine coolant products to the Nigerian  automotive industry. 

Since 1929, Glysantin® premium engine coolants and antifreeze products have been  serving the automotive industry worldwide. The products offer threefold engine protection against corrosion, overheating, and frost-ensuring that the engine’s cooling system works smoothly all year round. 

Consequently, the products of the Glysantin brand have received the most original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approvals from the large motor manufacturers. 

With its unique chemical properties, the coolant enables a low fluid decomposition  and low generation of hydrogen, making it a safety-optimized product, while ensuring  optimal corrosion protection. 

Speaking at the event, the Managing Director, BASF West Africa, Jean-Marc Ricca said, “In Nigeria, generation of power using diesel or gas generators is key to smooth running  of facilities and industries. Such Heavy-duty engines have high demands due to their long operating hours and high load rates. With its long-life protection Glysantin® prevents damages and reduces downtimes thus ensuring a reliable power supply.“BASF has been delivering industry expertise and innovations to provide highperformance cooling solutions that meet the evolving industry challenges. With this latest product innovation, the company now specifically targets the sector of generators and motor vehicle engines to deliver on the critical cooling requirements in safety and performance.”

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