Halisi Tasks SMEs to Leverage New Markets, Technology

A business development consulting agency, Halisi Consulting Company, has charged Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the country to focus on creating new products and services for its customers while also embracing technology to remain profitable.

The founder and principal Consultant Halisi Consulting Company, Mrs. Tolani Thomas-Allisson, on the sidelines of its inaguaral business seminar in Lagos, said going forward in 2023, SMEs need to find identify new ways to target their audience and create new markets.

She however stated that lack of access to credit still remains a challenge to the growth of SMEs in the country.

In her words: “In Nigeria we do not really have credit for small businesses. One of the biggest challenges I have noted from my own experiences is that these businesses do not have finances for their inventory or to fund their operations. It is a struggle for business owners in a country where the credit system is not that great to get access to funding needed to grow their businesses. We at Halisi, we are trying to help these businesses solve this challenge by helping them get investor-ready to help them access funding for their businesses.”

She added: “We are focused on SMEs and start ups with a mission to help them launch, grow and thrive. Our goal is to help these business owners launch their businesses and thrive in this harsh terrain. Our goal is to help these small business grow beyond the five year mark while also accessing a global market.”

She said Halisi would be targeting to penetrate new markets with East Africa as one of its goals, stressing that East Africa is rising as a major player in the tech industry.

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