GENTI Media Calls for Entry #VoicesofGenti National Audio Contest

GENTI Media has called for entries for new audio greatness across poetry, short story, audio drama and audio documentary to all Nigerians nationwide and in the diaspora. 

The audio streaming platform for African poetry, literature, fiction and nonfiction audio storytelling in regional and local languages, has today, announced its national audio contest tagged VOICES OF GENTI with a submission deadline of 28 February. 

Each winner from each category would be announced across all GENTI Media platforms through Genti TV. Prizes include N100,000 for the winner, N25,000 for second place and N10,000 for third place.

According to the GENTI Media CEO, Ojiugo Uche, the future of inclusive storytelling in Africa is audio stories and GENTI is synonymous with powerful African audio stories. 

She added: “Our goal is to find young contemporary Nigerian voices whose words have the power to change our lives—and our listening. Most importantly, this contest is a meaningful and authentic step towards achieving our mission of inclusive storytelling.”

At GENTI Media, the CEO emphasised how they are imagining a world where a commuting student or visually impaired Nigerian can listen to Amos Tutuola’s PalmWine Drinkard, Chimamanda’s Half of a Yellow Sun or Balarabe Ramat Yakubu’s Alhaki Kukuyo Ne (Sin is a Puppy That Follows You Home) on a Nigerian-owned audio streaming platform.

Contestants must be of Nigerian descent to be eligible to apply. They must download the GENTI Media app on Google Play/Apple Store to qualify. Entries for each category must be submitted in a single audio file and may be solely author-read or contain other voices, sounds, or music. Entries can be made in either English, Pidgin or a Local Language. 

For entry, contestants are to choose a category. In poetry, contestants are to record an original poem starting with the word “The Power of my Voice”. 
For the short story, contestants are to record an original audio short story starting with the word “The Power of my Voice”. 

Contestants submitting for audio drama are to record an original short audio drama starting with the word “The Power of my Voice”.

For the audio documentary, contestants are to record an audio documentary on any subject. Documentaries can be presented in a variety of forms including narrative, interview, or documentary play starting with the word “The Power of my Voice”. 

“Using the microphone on your phone, computer, or another recording device, record your original story starting with the words “The Power of my Voice”, Uche added.

“Once you have a good-quality recording, submit it through the Genti Audio Submission Form.

“Then campaign for ratings,” the CEO instructed. “Once your episode is published, share it with your friends and followers and ask them to Rate Your Story on the Genti Audio App.”

“Make sure to post your #VoicesofGenti Episode using the hashtag #voicesofGenti and tag as many people to download the GENTI app and vote for you as possible.”

Collect points: The more five-star ratings you get, the more points you collect. The more points you collect, the higher your chances of winning.

Voters are encouraged to download the Genti Audio app from the App Store or Google Play. 

“In the app, under the “Genti Voices” section, you will find episodes or “Chapters” containing contestant entries. 

Click on the specific #VoicesofGenti Episode you want to rate,” she emphasised. Voting opens on February 10 this year. 

Contestants are also asked to rate the entries using the “Rate & Review” option and the votes will be collated accordingly.

Meanwhile, Genti Media features audio works by BBC Media Action, MTV Staying Alive Foundation, and ARDA Development Communications Inc. among others.

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