Subomi Balogun: The True Definition of a Real Wealthy Aristocrat

The name Otunba Subomi Balogun means different things to different people. To some, the name stands for courage, and tenacity, while for others it means inventiveness, brilliance, and distinction to some others. Balogun in all ways is like the proverbial huge elephant. Your description is determined by which side you are viewing from.

By every standard, Balogun is a colossus in the Nigerian money market. A man of excellence, and integrity; a trailblazer and pioneer extraordinaire in the sector.

A trained lawyer, Balogun came into the financial sector at a time when the country was seriously in need of top intellectuals like him. He did not disappoint. In no time, he reshaped the industry and became a household name.

Balogun wrote his name with a golden pen when he became part of those who stood up to be counted in the rewriting of the story of the country’s financial sector and launching it into the global map. His philosophy is: “All things are possible if you believe.” It is a known fact that many discover themselves in moments of trouble. 

Almost two decades after retiring from active banking, the octogenarian banking legend is still wielding much influence in Nigeria’s banking sector. Some even argue that he has as much influence after his retirement as he did while he was very active as Chairman and CEO of the first wholly-owned Nigerian Merchant bank, FCMB.

At 88, many would have expected this old dandy tycoon to be retired from the hustle, rather he has shown no signs of slowing down as he advances in years. Just as he has been making fortunes from his banking days, this stylish billionaire is unrelenting and he continues to make billions from many of his businesses around the world.

Expectedly, many are in agreement that this man is the real definition of a wealthy aristocrat and that he is created by God for this purpose; cornering deals and money making.

What many don’t know about this stupendous wealthy man is his heartly desire. Penultimate week, the banking don led dignitaries to his Ijebu-Ode palatial house for new year’s prayers and thanksgiving.  Despite his advanced age, he danced to the pulpit where he expressed his desires. As gathered by Society Watch, one of his desires is for God to grant enough long life to reach the age of 100.

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