Chief Imo’s Movie, Village Councillor, Takes Nollywood By Storm

Nollywood’s stellar actor, comedian and singer, Longinus Anokwute popularly known as Chief Imo has dropped his latest comedy-packed movie, Village Councillor.

The movie chronicles the tale of a young born-again man in a rural area, who thirsts to be a leader. His people beckon on him to represent them as the councillor in the local government. He tries to make them see how dirty the games of politics can be since he is a Christian.

While the lead actor resists his people’s demands, his mother eggs him on to grab the wealth-making opportunity as his life changer.

His people want him to be the councillor and king of the town. When this docile, respectful and charming young man finally succumbs to their whims, he becomes vile and unruly. Then he does something that takes the entire community aback.

Chief Imo’s career took off the ground in the mid-2000s as a costumier in the movie industry. He, however, officially switched to acting in 2008. Today, he is best known for his indigenous original comedy in the Igbo language that spins and thrills movie enthusiasts in the eastern part of Nigeria.

He reminisced about his days of yore: “Everything started when I was in elementary school and extended to secondary school.

“Each time I come out to talk, people would laugh at me. On many occasions, I would end up cracking the audience up even though I was only responding to a question. Gradually, I started building on it.”

His ability to mimic people from the village started each time I visited his home town. “I attended wakes and they would give me a microphone to address the audience.”

Consequently, Chief Imo began to gain more ground and win more hearts. After writing the West Africa Examination (WAEC), he proceeded to the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) professionally in 2000.

The comic actor had his turning point when he shot and produced a movie. He acted with his buddy and colleague Maggi. “That brought me to the limelight with the stage name and smash, Chief Imo,” he chips in. “I got this name from the movie, Iko Nso.”

While Chief Imo is basking in the euphoria of his career feat, it wasn’t all a bed of roses.  “When I started new, even my wife became discouraged because of how things were.

“At a time, I came to terms with what they were saying, especially when I saw nothing was coming out from the work and no help even after my first album.”

He braced up; went back to the drawing board; and rolled up his sleeves. And in no time, Chief Imo became the cynosure of his producers’ eyes, with high demand.

Despite striking the right note, this comedian isn’t backing down any time soon. His new music, Good News reminds him of the many hurdles he was fazed with as a budding entertainer in his village.

“After school, some students used to come to my house when we were rehearsing a drama to present at the local government. They mistook what I was doing for lazying around, and threatened to set my house ablaze,” he recounted.

“But today,” he expressed delightfully, “The same guy who threatened me invited me to be the MC at his new house opening. I told him my price.

“He started appreciating and blessing me. He reminded me of how I started. He lives in the US today. But I cried like a child after he hung up.”

Today, Chief Imo is a staunch believer in the popular parlance that laughter is the panacea for sickness. “Studies show that people who laugh more often get sick less.

Undoubtedly, Chief Imo’s comedy is leading the pack as the only indigenous YouTube creator in Nigeria that brings rib-cracking visual content in the Igbo language.

Through his YouTube channel with 187 subscribers and thousands of views, he continues to massage the souls, nerves and existence of his viewers.  He enthused, “We bring the best of comedy that will cause you to laugh and drive out any sickness”.

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