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Masari Rejects Terrorists’ Demand for Fresh Negotiation

Masari Rejects Terrorists’ Demand for Fresh Negotiation

Francis Sardauna in Katsina

Governor Aminu Bello Masari of Katsina State has reiterated his administration’s stance not to negotiate with terrorists again, “because I will never trust them again.”

Masari, who restated his government’s position while reacting to media report that some terrorists’ leaders have started surrendering their arms to government, said he would only enforce laws that would  help security agencies and relevant authorities to prosecute people who commit offences in the state.

Governor Masari had in 2019 granted second amnesty to the terrorists after a tour to Fulani settlements and strong enclaves of the hoodlums  in Rugu Forest between September 4 and 9, during which the terrorists and their forest commanders denounced terrorism.

The peace accord was adopted by the North-west governors following a peace summit convened in Katsina by the former Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, that facilitated discussions with representatives of the terrorists from the affected states of Katsina, Kebbi, Niger, Sokoto, Kaduna and Zamfara States.

But during the interview, Masari said the hoodlums who are seeking  another rapprochement with his government should go and make peace with their family members in their respective villages and communities “because I will never trust them again.”

While denying the report that some terrorists’ leaders in the state have started surrendering their arms and ammunition to the government as a result of the ongoing military onslaughts again them, the governor insisted that he would  never trust the criminals again.

Masari said: “For me, nobody has reported anybody that handed over his arms and ammunition to me. I am not aware of it. And if it has happened I would have known because the first thing I do in the morning is to read the report from the  Commissioner of Police then read also the report from the Department for State Security(DSS) and a report from my Special Adviser(SA)  security who gets daily briefing from the Brigade commander.

“In all these reports, I have not seen that. What I have seen is that some of the bandits are trying to find ways where discussion with the government will resume again but who will trust them?. I will not because they are never sincere. I don’t trust them and I will never go back negotiating with them.

“The only thing they know and respect is the superiority of power. If they know you are superior to them they will follow you but when they suspect that they have more arms they do and undo. So, I have rejected their demand for fresh discussion with the government. They (terrorists) should go and make peace in their villages and communities.”

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