Cassandra Obiefune: My Talk Show is a Safe Space

Cassandra Obiefune popularly known as “petite talker” is a media entrepreneur and artiste with dreams so big. Starting her career as a rapper, then venturing into acting, gave her the needed drive to build her career to what it is today. In this interview with Tosin Clegg, Cassandra talks about her journey into Showbiz, her earlier challenges, becoming a major face on television and future plans

Journey into show business

My journey into show business wasn’t planned. I just wanted to be famous and make money. Growing up, I was somewhat a studio rat and would hang around music producers and artistes. So, at one point in my life, I became a rapper and was also featured in a couple of movies. Moving on, my first step was to audition at Magnus Film Academy, Enugu where I was given the scholarship for acting and media studies because I thrilled the judges with an amazing music performance. I didn’t stop there because I’m insatiable. 

The journey hasn’t been an easy one. But seeing how far I have come, I’m entirely grateful for the sleepless nights and the hustle as they created this personality the world would never forget as Petite Talker. I had earlier worked with Views Channel on StarTimes, picked up side gigs, interviewed people on the streets of Lagos and Hennessy artistry as long as the bills get paid. Shuffling school, work and trying to grow my brand, The Petite Talk Show solo with no financial backing was a lot to do then but now things are getting better.

The world is filled with so much negativity and sadness and in my little way, I would love to be a beacon of hope for people who think all is lost. Also, I want to empower women who have been constantly talked down by men and brainwashed into thinking they are irrelevant. Most especially help change the way entertainment news is being dished, with a little bit of humour.

My Show

I woke up one morning and the idea of my show just hit me. Celebrities are never really given the chance to express themselves without backlashes, forgetting they are humans too. My talk show is a safe space where you get to be YOU 100% without restrictions, a chance to live your truth, an opportunity to show the world who you are and that goes beyond social media. This is a movement and my goal is to be on major tv platforms such as the terrestrial and digital in the next 2 to 3 years. It took me this long to get here and I don’t intend to stop now as the world is not ready for what’s coming.

Encounter with Nedu Wazobia

The first time I ever had a conversation with Nedu Wazobia was in 2018. I had just started my talk show and at that point I was trying to gather shoutouts to help promote the show. Nedu made my very first shout-out for the show without knowing a thing about me. Fast forward to 2022, my make-up artist calls to inform me about an opening at Wazobia Max TV and I should try out. I got there and Nedu was conducting the audition but he didn’t recognize me. It got to my turn and I found out it’s a pidgin show as I have never done a pidgin show my entire life. I auditioned and God willing I got the role to be his co-host. The night show is a 1-hour variety of gig pidgin show and it features parodies and sketches on trending political and social issues, live performances, celebrity interviews and Q&A sessions.

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