Deloitte Invests $1.4m in Overseas Employment Opportunities for African Talents

Dike Onwuamaeze

The Deloitte Africa has put down an initial investment of $1.4 million to launch the Africa Talent initiative that would connect African talents to job opportunities in overseas even when they are physically based in the African continent.

A press release that was issued this week by Deloitte Africa said that the initiative is a ground-breaking joint venture between the Deloitte Nigeria and Deloitte Netherlands.  

The initiative, according to the press release, would be used to recruit “graduates with limited experience and those without employment, and where possible, it will also aim to attract school leavers who show potential but may not have opportunities to pursue tertiary education.”

It said that the Africa Talent would also be targeted on experienced hands that had been looking for international exposure without leaving their home countries.

It added that the “Africa Talent seeks to tap into the continent’s youthful and growing population, using hybrid and remote working technology to service the talent needs in areas characterised by an ageing working population like Western Europe.

“Graduates will be trained and developed in data analytics, consulting, cybersecurity and other specialist digital technology skills. They will also work in areas including financial and regulatory risk, sustainability as well as internal audit.”

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Deloitte Africa, Ms. Ruwayda Redfearn, who spoke on the joint venture, said: “Africa has the youngest population in the world and an immense opportunity to tap into this resource by investing and empowering the youth to reach their full potential.

“Africa Talent will expose the continent’s graduates to skills and opportunities they may otherwise not have had.”

Redfearn added that Africa Talent would address skills shortage in the continent and the prevailing high unemployment rate among graduates across Africa.

She said: “In essence, Africa Talent aims to create hope for the next generation of our continent and the communities we operate within.”

The pilot phase of Africa Talent would be directed at recruiting graduates and experienced hands throughout Sub Saharan Africa and South Africa.

The CEO of Deloitte Netherland, Mr. Hans Honing, said: “For Deloitte Netherlands, Africa Talent provides us with access to a high-quality skills pool that fits the needs of our clients. This initiative demonstrates the power of the global Deloitte network to drive innovative working models that better meet the demands of our dynamic world.”  

The Deloitte said that Africa Talent would be run in conjunction with partner organisations who work with young people and unemployed graduates. 

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