Kubanah Whisky Introduced into Nigeria Wine, Spirit Beverage Market

 Mary Nnah

For proper identification, competition and acceptance, the management of MP Master Piece Limited has unveiled its latest brand of whisky, Kubanah Whisky into the wine and spirit beverage market in Nigeria. Tl

The whisky which is fermented locally with international standards is now circulating in the country. It is a unique brand being cherished by Nigerian consumers and its demand is increasing daily.

In his welcome address during the unveiling of Kubanah Whisky in Yaba, Lagos, the Managing Director and CEO of the company, Emeka Ike said, “We are happy today for the unveiling of our new brand, Kubanah Whisky which is seriously penetrating into the Nigerian wine and spirit market.

I want to categorically state here factors that propelled us to go into the production of our first brand, Skirt Brandy and our second baby, Kubanah Whisky in spite of all the economic and environmental challenges facing production processes in Nigeria. 

“We also signed Destiny Etiko, Femi Adebayo, Nosa Rex and Emmanuel Abisi, a.k.a Nastyblaq as our brand ambassadors for the unveiling of Kubanah whisky”.

According to Ike, he was moved by passion and a burden to make a difference with his product in the Nigerian market with international standard, adding, “again I want the world to know that Nigeria has all it takes to produce quality wine and spirit beverages.

“Today, we are in the Nigerian market to quench the appetite of an average Nigerian who consumes our brands. So, our brands are competing favourably in the Nigerian market, it’s purely made with local content”.

He posited that Nigeria cannot join in the Commonwealth of Nations until we embark on creativity, and productivity with local contents, adding, “we need to develop our country and the best option is by building and developing local industries.

“If we do this, jobs will be created, kidnapping, banditry, obtaining by tricks known as yahoo, yahoo and all sorts of crime wave will reduce, and then, Nigerian business environment will begin to attract foreign investors, the economy will now bounce back.”

Ike said further that presently, the state of Nigerian industries is nothing to write home about, adding that Nigeria needs to wake up to her responsibility and should not be left in the hands of government alone, even though the government has a greater role to play.

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