Commercial Drivers Protest High Cost of Diesel in Edo

Adibe Emenyonu

Commuters in Edo State were for several hours stranded yesterday as commercial drivers protested the high cost of diesel in the state.

The bus drivers blocked several entry and exit points into that state, restricting other commercial drivers from carrying passengers while cars were made to bear green leaves to show solidarity to the course of the drivers.

One of the drivers who simple gave his name as Tony said that they have endured enough suffering and wanted the government to do something about the high cost of diesel.

He said they were buying diesel for N180,00 (One Hundred and Eighty Naira)  at the inception of Buhari’s administration but that it now cost over N800,00.

“We, the drivers are suffering in this country, Imagine that we were buying diesel for N180,00 when Buhari become the president. Today, it goes for more than N800.00.

“Go to Uwelu Spare Parts Market and see how much even second hand spare parts cost. The problem is that after buying diesel, you have to settle the owner of the bus, before you can think of what to go home with to take care of your family, we cannot continue this way,” Tony said.

Also, another driver, who gave his name as Mr. Osarobo Idahosa, said that the cost of diesel and spare parts have risen to the level drivers could no longer bear and were left without any other option than to protest.

He said: “Journalist, don’t ask me questions? Are you not part of this country?  Don’t you buy things in the market?  We are suffering from the high cost of gas and spare parts and we cannot bear it again. That is why we are on the streets to protest.”

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