Late Army Chief’s Wife Launches Foundation

Kingsley Nwezeh in Abuja

Wife of the late Army Chief of staff(COAS), Mrs Fati Attahiru and friends, weekend, launched a foundation for her husband  Lt Gen Ibrahim Attahiru.

Speaking at the launch in Abuja, she said the foundation was established to uphold the  ideals and principles of her late husband.

late Attahiru, alongside 10 other senior officers died in an ill-fated Nigerian Air Force  Beechcraft aircraft  that crashed in Kaduna on May 21, 2021.

She said with the establishment of the foundation, 

she hoped to inspire her daughters and other young Nigerians to  serve the country wholeheartedly like her husband did.

“It is truly not how long you live but how well. As evidently, my dear husband made his mark and will continue to do so through the impact that this foundation intends to make”, she said.

She said the General Ibrahim Attahiru Foundation was born out of the need to uphold his ideals and principles but more importantly for my three little girls and young Nigerians to have the will to proudly serve their country with all their might like he did and believe that their labour shall never be in vain.

“While we brainstormed on the best way to immortalise Attairu for laying his life for his country, a country he so much loved, friends and family have come together to set up a foundation as their humble efforts to keep his light shining as bright ever, ” she said.

Also, a  biography of Lt.-Gen. Attairu written by Niran Adedokun,  and documentary on his life and times directed by Adeola Osunkojo

were unveiled at the event. 

The documentary was titled, ‘Ibrahim Attahiru: A soldier’s soldier,’ while the  book was  titled, ‘The man, the soldier, the patriot’.  

Speaking at the event Adedokun said that  the book was about the life and times of the late Attairu, adding that it would inspire young Nigerians that integrity and love for one’s country is essential. 

He hoped the present administration would sustain Attahiru’s legacy.

“He seemed to have the determination, he seemed to know what to do about security in Nigeria. I don’t think much has changed after his administration. “The best I can say is that I hope that the people who succeeded him are following in the path that he charted for the army”, he said.

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