Akan Udofia: A Crossing Foretold

When the news of Akan’s crossing to APC hit, I wasn’t surprised. I dare say it was inevitable. The man has a message, a vision that is fluid and cannot be hampered by the limitations of the party platform.

So, when the crossing was announced, I reached out to him. We had a fruitful discussion and he reiterated his vision. For him, the state needs to cut off from the now very erratic federal allocation and begin to generate internally driven wealth, led by private sector initiatives while leveraging the vast human and material resources all over the state.

So, for him, the vehicle doesn’t matter. The message and vision are all that matters and as far as that is not changed or watered down, he will continue to seek a veritable avenue to deliver on his plans to the people of Akwa Ibom State. Need I say more?

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