Ahmad Lawan has what it takes to lead Nigeria, argues Hassan Kyari Nguru

The Senate President Senator Ahmad Lawan is right now one of the leading presidential aspirants of the governing APC for the 2023 general elections. His entrance into the presidential race is a game changer and it opens a new chapter in Nigeria’s democratic journey. As a politician and a leader, Senator Ahmad Lawan has been active on the political stage since 1999 – and needs no introduction nationwide. He has been in the legislature since 1999 as well; rising from the House of Representatives to the pinnacle, as the chairman of the National Assembly and Senate President. The increasing support he is getting across the nation is a clear testimony of his impeccable record of leadership and patriotism – and commitment to making Nigeria work.

Senator Ahmad Lawan has been leading the affairs of the upper chamber of the National Assembly in a way that established mutual respect between the legislature and the executive. He is leading by firmly protecting the independence of the legislature and putting Nigeria and Nigerians first – in everything. His leadership, so far, shows the evolution of the Nigerian legislature; carrying out its constitutional duties without acrimony or unnecessary drama. This is a remarkable achievement because it has brought the stability and the harmony that are key to making governance work for Nigerians.

The ninth senate under the leadership of Senator Ahmad Lawan had also carried out amendment of key legislations, many important nominees’ screenings, parliamentary investigations – and also carried out many oversight functions diligently and effectively. Anyone conversant with the past of the National Assembly can easily understand why it is important to mention this as achievement. At the level of his legislative responsibilities Senator Ahmad Lawan has facilitated and attracted many development projects to his constituency and Yobe State in general.

Senator Ahmad Lawan has so far demonstrated exceptional ability to solving problems. One of the reasons why Nigeria will benefit from his leadership is his commitment to youth and job creation.  He has been offering empowerment opportunities to his constituents in so many sectors. In September 2020 he sponsored the training of youths in the area of GSM technology. The training was conducted at the three senatorial zones of Yobe State. At least 1000 youths benefitted from the training that also includes hands-on on hardware, software and entrepreneurship development. Giving youths what can be described as ‘skills of the moment’ is a way of preparing them for the future. Through his various empowerment projects youth have acquired skills and employment that enable them to realize their potential.

Education can be described as the priority of Senator Ahmad Lawan, annually awarding scholarship to youth from all the local governments of Yobe North. He built schools across the six local governments of his senatorial district. The schools provided a model that helps in increasing school enrolment and making education accessible to rural communities. Has been offering scholarships and other forms of educational support. He also facilitated the establishment of ICT Park in Nguru town. In the area of roads, Senator Ahmad Lawan has already achieved the reconstruction of Nguru-Gashua road and Gashua-Baymari road.  Through his efforts the Federal Executive Council approved the construction of Gasamu—Amshi—Gogaram road at the cost of N14.5 billion. For years  Ahmad Lawan has been sponsoring free animal vaccination which protects against Contagious Bovine Pleuro Pneumonia (CBPP). The lawmaker is also undertaking urban and rural roads, water provision and solar streetlights projects across the six local governments that constitute Yobe north senatorial district. In fact, there will not be enough space to list the numerous projectsSenator Lawan attracted to the people he is representing across Yobe north. The achievement of Ahmad Lawan in improving the lives of the people who elected him is a clear pointer to his leadership and prospects if given the chance to lead Nigeria.

Leading the bold step towards giving Nigeria a better electoral system is one of the outstanding achievements of Ahmad Lawan that demonstrates his commitment to the development of the country. The passage of the Electoral Act (2022) will improve the nations electoral system. The new electoral act will enhance the quality of party primaries, as well as provide an electronic voter register.Under the new Act, the use of electronic devices such as smart card readers, electronic voting machines and other technological devices, is allowed in the accreditation process for voters and in the general conduct of elections. The new Electoral Act also provides for electronic transmission of election results. At the centre of the focus of the National Assembly under his leadership is using the legislature to make Nigeria and Nigerians better. Politically, Senator Lawan has been loyal and dedicated to championing the ideals and values of the APC. Giving Senator Lawan the chance to lead Nigeria is a way of keeping the nation on the right track of progress and development. He has all the potential to move the nation forward, unify the country and solidify our democracy.

Hassan Kyari writes from Bulabulin Ward, Nguru, Yobe State

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