Grant Master Launches Creative Writers Fellowship Program


Africa’s foremost grant writing marketplace, Grant Master, has announced the launch of the second cohort of its Creative Writers Fellowship. The Creative Writers Fellowship will be held virtually from July 4th to August 26th, 2022. The 8-weeks program will feature impactful sessions and insights by a handpicked faculty that has raised over $2 million in grant funding.

The creative Writers fellowship is a series of free online courses and live classes that will train creative writers in the art of grant writing. It will address issues such as the unending search for grants, wrong grant prospecting, and the frustrating process of writing a proposal.

According to Olugbenga Ogunbowale, the co-founder and CEO of Grant Master, “Covid-19 pandemic left most organisations and businesses seeking financial support for survival. Nothing is more frustrating than having a brilliant idea but no money to start or grow your business. According to the world bank, lack of funding is the biggest challenge facing entrepreneurs in Africa. Loans are expensive to repay. A grant is the safest way out of this financial conundrum. You don’t repay a grant, unlike a loan.

Although writing grant proposals differ as there are no confined rules to it, the approval of a grant depends on the writer’s competence. This has necessitated the need to educate and train creatives from the nooks and crannies of Africa on the skill of grant writing.”

“The free-to-attend writing Fellowship for Creative Writers will combine workshops with hands-on projects. It requires a minimum commitment of 2hrs per day (Monday – Friday) for the duration of the course. Upon successful completion of the fellowship, participants will have the opportunity to work with Grant Master as freelance consultants. This will also significantly increase their income because an average writer with a Grant Master earns 3 times more than they earn as a freelance writer. While building capacity, we also hope to reduce youth unemployment in Africa.” Olugbenga added.

The writing fellowship will cover all areas of grant writing including finding grants, confirming eligibility, creating funding plans, writing what reviewers want to read and fund, creating budgets, designing programs, and designing evaluation plans.

The creative writers’ fellowship is organised by Grant Master. Grant Master is an online marketplace that connects ambitious organizations in need of debt-free and equity-free funding with the top 5% of Grant Writers. Grant master has serviced leading African brands like ROAM Africa, IITA, Emergency Response Africa, RCDIJ, Brighter Monday (Uganda & Kenya), and Money Africa.

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