Firm Unveils Investment Opportunities in US Stocks


Kayode Tokede

As part of its mission to help millions of people across the world achieve financial independence, leading investment platform, Xantos Lab has expanded its operations to Africa, starting with Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and Kenya. 

The platform which has built its reputation in over 150 countries will extend its service to Africans, providing a veritable platform through which individuals can invest in USD and enjoy great returns through its recently launched mobile app.

The launch, which was officially announced recently will provide citizens of the aforementioned countries, an opportunity to grow wealth with a fully-managed portfolio without encountering the stress and confusion that are usually associated with such a venture. Best of all, the company confirms, is that the entire process requires no trading fees.

According to the company’s Managing Partner, Chuk Orakwue, “Xantos is an investment adviser committed to every client with a mission to offer low minimum, low fee, and premium investment experience to allow everyone to build wealth with ease. 

“Unlike popular self-directed trading apps, where you have to figure out what to invest; the team of experts at Xantos builds and manages portfolios based on your risk appetite. Their clients get to sit back and relax, while the team does the work for them.”

Orakwue explained that the company employs fundamental analysis for security selection along with a systematic approach to portfolio construction. The firm is an SEC-registered investment advisor in the United States of America.

According to him, “we are delighted to bring Nigeria and the rest of Africa, an opportunity that we believe offers unique access to American markets. 

“We all know how critical financial independence is, unfortunately, a lot of Nigerians are not able to enjoy this largely because of a lack of knowledge or know-how. We are glad to be bridging this gap and providing everyone easy access to a fully-managed portfolio so they can build their wealth. In the coming months, we will do a lot to intensify our message of financial freedom and we are confident in the support we will enjoy from stakeholders and the customers.”

Corroborating Orakwue, Lou Oritz, the Head of Growth for Xantos, expressed his delight at the reaction so far. He commended the interest Nigerians have expressed in the product prior to the launch, describing it as encouraging.