Sahara Group Highlights Importance of Youths Exposure to Books to Energy Transition

Peter Uzoho

Nigerian multinational energy company, Sahara Group, has stated that a global commitment to encouraging youths to read books could play a significant role in accelerating the drive towards energy transition.
The Director, Governance and Sustainability,  Sahara Group, Ejiro Gray, was quoted in a statement to have said this in her World Book Day message, entitled, “Books as Levers of Sustainability.”
“Books open a world of opportunities; they are formidable vehicles of transmitting knowledge and shaping lifestyles, and these can help unravel the energy transition message in a manner that gets more young people aware of why it is important and how they can get involved in the process,” she explained.
Gray said there was a critical need for more collaborative efforts by the goverment and businesses to enhance the access of youths to books across the globe, especially books that focus on the state of planet earth.
She maintained that, “Books can break down the energy transition message into different levels to facilitate better understanding of the subject beyond how it is applied in the energy sector. The people who will be expected to sustain the quest in the future need to be empowered now and books can easily become the link to making the transition sustainable.”
According to her, experts need to device means of simplifying energy transition through books, while also exploring its insertion in academic curriculum for the benefit of young students.
“The future we desire can be transmitted today through books. In addition to transforming our operations in line with energy transition ideals, Sahara Group is already exploring creative ways of documenting and amplifying the message through books for different levels of young people in our locations in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. We believe this will accelerate the understanding of energy transition across global markets.,” she added.
Meanwhile, in a bid to enhance access to books, Sahara Group has over the years, invested in the building and renovation of libraries across Africa while organizing school reading programmes anchored by volunteer employees as well as regional and global organisations.

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