Hello Perfect Partners Shecluded to Provide Beauty Loans

One of the leading skincare clinics in Lagos, Hello Perfect signed a partnership deal with Shecluded, a fintech company last Wednesday, for particularly women, to provide beauty loans for people with skin problems who cannot afford the full cost of their treatment at once.

According to the CEO of Hello Perfect Aesthetics and Lazer Clinic, Onyeka Micheal Ugwu, the cost of treatment has been a problem for some people with terrible skin concerns and it is this concern that has prompted the partnership between the two female-led companies to finance beauty treatments for the clients while they pay in installments.

She added that while Hello Perfect is trying to bring the best pricing for clients for these treatments, they are also working against some odds like inflation and other import costs.  However, through the partnership, Hello Perfect intends to help interested clients who need these skin treatments but can’t afford it immediately or at once to get their needed treatment as Shecluded provides the payment upfront while the clients pay in installments.

Trained in Texas, Ugwu said this kind of partnership is first of its kind in Nigeria. This is the first of its kind. Though it is very much available internationally where people get to pay in installments for nearly everything they get. “The idea of this partnership is not just about beauty in the sense of making one’s self aesthetically pleasing. It is actually very medical and self-esteem concerns for many people,” Ugwu added.

Giving an instance, the skincare expert mentioned that her clinic has about 40-45 people who walk through the building everday  for different skin treatment and she gets to hold the hands of two to three persons who come in and cry because of how extensive their self-esteem has been damaged following their skin problems.

These skincare problems are not age factored. Moreover, the partnership is not just for people who want bigger boobs, butts, lips and other features but basically for people whose skin problems have affected their self-esteem and they cannot immediately afford the cost of their needed skin treatment.

Referring to the partnership as “beauty in installments”, The CEO of Shecluded, Ifeoma Uddoh, said one of the objectives of her fintech company is to be able to provide financial services and extra capacity for women to live good lives and thrive. According to the finance expert, beauty is one of the ways women are accessed in every cedar of life and every woman has got the right to feel and look exactly how she wishes to.

She further mentioned that the partnership with Hello Perfect is one that Shecluded is very excited about as they get to provide beauty loans for more women to look as they please at little or nothing eventually, thanks to the lightly-paced loans.

Meanwhile, these loans are not exclusive to women. Ugwu affirmed that Hello Perfect has started having more male clients in recent times. Men coming in for razor bump treatments, acne, warts etc.  Before now, the ratio used to be 2 men to 15 women but not anymore.

Hello Perfect is a skincare clinic in Lagos that focuses on extensive and advanced skincare procedures like advanced acne treatment, hyper pigmentation, laser hair removal and a lot of other transformational skincare treatments.

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