Enugu-USA President Emeritus Denies Consent to Forum’s Letter to Ugwuanyi

The President Emeritus of Enugu-USA, Mrs. Ife Sinachi Ugwuonye-Okechukwu, whose name was mischievously appended to an open letter to Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State by Nigerian American Political Forum, has dissociated herself from the publication, saying she did not give her consent to it.

In a statement she issued, Mrs. Ugwuonye-Okechukwu, who regretted the ulterior motive of those behind the publication, stated: “I was very surprised, if not shocked at the content of the publication, and mostly about my name on it. 

 “The content of the message does not seem to be consistent with what the Nigerian American Political Forum stands for.”

Pointing out that the organisation “is non-partisan”, the Enugu-USA President Emeritus said: “I want to believe that the writers did not take this fact into consideration.”

She commended Ugwuanyi for his magnanimity and leadership, and advised those behind the mischievous publication thus: “We should continue to encourage honesty of purpose in all of our endeavors, with dignity and respect for all humans, irrespective of social or political position.

“I hope that nothing like this would repeat itself,” she adds while beseeching God to continue to bless Enugu State and its citizens

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