Mainland One Club Inaugurated


Ugo Aliogo

Mainland One Club has been inaugurated with a focus to contribute its quota to societal wellbeing especially in Lagos and environs.

Speaking during the inauguration ceremony in Lagos, the newly elected president of the club, Femi James, said the responsibility the club is not something he takes lightly, adding that he would endeavor to represent the best interest of the club.

He also noted that the Mainland One club would be taking on a lot of projects during the course of the year, stating that it is the club’s way of impacting the society, “our own way of doing the best that we possibly can.”

He said: “The projects that we intend to take on are not projects that we can handle by ourselves. In light of that, we are looking at partnering with bodies that can help us make our goals as reality.
“In trying to actualize one of our goals, we are hoping to work in tandem with the local government in restructuring and working towards the development of the area. Most of our projects which are related to community development can be made possible with local government partnership which is what we intend to achieve.
“We do not hope to develop communities alone, we are looking at partnering with NGOs that are in charge of breast cancer. We need to make an impact this year and this is definitely one place our impacts need to felt. In partnering with these NGOs, we will carry out programmes of different kinds and subsequently effect changes that only Mainland 1 can. In light of effecting changes that only us can, we will be making visits to motherless babies homes, doing the little that we can in our capacity to make their situation better than however it is we meet them.

“We are not just looking at making changes in the society, we intend to make inward changes as well. Achieving new feats in our club. We hope to publish our very own magazine the first of its kind by October this year, this magazine will cover various areas, stretching from metro to fashion to entertainment and then to personal interviews.

“This year, most likely in the month of May, we are launching our streaming channel where we can have Talk Shows every Saturday. The talk show will take a form of interviewing prominent people in our society as well serves as watch dog for local government programme.
“There is no doubt that this club is a stage for launching into success on its own, we will make the most of this stage by inviting young musicians in Lagos to perform in the club. We will support these artists by live streaming their activities, showing the world what kind of talents lay hidden in Lagos, this could help with laughing them out to greater things as it could be an avenue for them to get discovered by talent managers. We would also feature these artists on our Saturday TV show.”