PEARL Reiterates The Need for Advanced Corrosion Control in The Oil and Gas Industry

In line with its commitment to engage stakeholders on advancing technological growth in the Nigerian oil and gas industry, Pacegate Energy and Resources Limited (PEARL) in partnership with Canadian Energy Solutions (CES), Jacam Catalyst and Polaris Bank recently held a one-day webinar to discuss the need for industry players to pay close attention to the complex world of corrosion and reduce corrosion in the oil industry using today’s most advanced technologies.

Corrosion in pipelines and downhole is one of the major challenges faced by oil and gas industries all over the world. This has made corrosion control or management a major factor to consider before setting up any industry that will transport products via pipelines and it has been a vital discourse amongst relevant stakeholders in the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

Sharing the perspective of many experts, the General Manager of Pacegate Energy & Resources Limited, Franklin Oranusih alongside the other keynote speakers, Dave Horton, the Chief Technology Officer of CES Energy Solution, Jeff Soderberg, Research & Development Manager at CES Energy Solutions and Dallas Disney, the Technical Services Director for Jacam Catalyst said that the importance of the corrosion control cannot be overemphasized, and every hand should be on deck to prevent corrosion in every step in the production of oil and gas.

According to Franklin, “PEARL was established to solve industrial challenges through innovative solutions and partnerships. Corrosion is one of the major challenges encountered in the oilfield. Experts deal with water and other corrosive components of crude while working with mild steel pipes and tanks. It affects the operations of large corporations and affects the oil and gas sector of Nigeria. It is, therefore, necessary to embrace available methods to monitor and control it. This partnership and webinar series demonstrates our commitment to it, and we are delighted to lead the conversations.”

He, however, noted that to ensure smooth and uninterrupted flow of oil and gas to the end users, it is imperative for the field operators, pipeline engineers, and designers to be corrosion conscious as the lines and their component fittings would undergo material degradations due to corrosion. “In order to avoid corrosion menace and maintain safe and reliable pipeline infrastructure, substantial research efforts should be devoted to implementing pipeline leak detection and localisation using different approaches. We are happy to bring together experts and thought leaders in the industry to dialogue and exchange ideas on how to solve the threat posed by corrosion and proffer a lasting mitigation and prevention plan,” Franklin said.

He added that Pacegate Energy & Resources Limited (PEARL) will continue to engage industry experts and investors on developing hedging strategies to combat prevailing sectoral challenges towards unlocking inherent value in the near future. The next webinar is scheduled to hold on June 2, 2022 and is themed “Scale Inhibitor: Application and Monitoring”.

PEARL was established in 2020, as an indigenous local content company to provide fluids and chemical solutions to various industries such as oil & gas, refineries, petrochemical, and transportation sectors of Nigeria economy. PEARL represents Canadian Energy Solutions (CES), exclusively across Africa. The components of Canadian Energy Solutions are formulated by PEARL in its production facility based in Nigeria and are distributed across the world under the brand name – ADIPRO.

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