Lagos Aviation Academy Becomes Amadeus Certified Training Partner in Nigeria


Lagos Aviation Academy, one of the fastest-growing aviation training centres in Nigeria, has been certified as an Amadeus Training Partner, which gives the Academy the license to train students on how to navigate the Amadeus reservation system. The course is designed to help travel consultants learn how to make reservations on Amadeus, using graphical and cryptic commands.

“Gaining a better understanding of travel booking platforms such as Amadeus is essential to ensure smooth operations in a profession as complex as being a Travel Consultant or a Travel Manager, especially with the variation of airline policies. This is one of the many qualifications travel agencies should have. We have so many untrained travel consultants out there and we continue to strongly advocate the importance of aviation training and professionalism. Partnering with Amadeus enables us to offer an academic solution to improve comprehension of the Amadeus system. It allows the users to be better informed and avoid unnecessary booking errors. It is an honour for us at Lagos Aviation Academy to have become a Certified Training Partner with Amadeus and currently the only one in Nigeria,” noted Academy Director at Lagos Aviation Academy and Chairman of the Association of Aviation Training Organizations in Nigeria, Bankole Bernard.

Congratulating Lagos Aviation Academy on the success of the “ Train the Trainer”  exam taken by one of the Academy’s facilitators, Gilles Molesti, Learning Partners Manager at Amadeus said: “I am delighted to inform you that Michael Ozoalor successfully passed the Amadeus Learning Partners Train The Trainer certification. This means that your school is now a Certified Partner”.