Mike Dada: Spreading Love Across Africa Through Music



2022 is already a big year for music artists in Nigeria as well as lovers of the art. Big stars in the form of unstoppable vocalists and songwriters are popping all over the place. And while it would seem like this is merely a good year for Nigerian music, the informed among us know that all of this boost in the popularity of Nigerian music all over Africa and across the globe is the work of certain people. One of them is Mike Dada, the President and Executive Producer of the prestigious All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA).

To the uninitiated, all that AFRIMA does is give awards to the best acts, artists, and albums in the African music industry. However, AFRIMA is an institution that was founded to promote the African musical heritage. It uses a wide network to fine-tune the professional capacities of African artists and uses its extensive resources to drive every other creative industry on the African continent. The end of this is to promote unity in Africa and among Africans using easily binding elements, ergo, music.

This is why the work of Dada cannot be summarised under an award-delivering category. Instead, he is better defined as a public relations person and a professional marketer for the empowerment of Africans via music.

Dada’s work at AFRIMA has greatly improved the music industry in Africa. Due to the stringent standards that the institution has set, notable African music is no longer the willy nilly compilation of bitter sounds and words that people throw at each other in the name of music. Instead, artists have been moulded into producing their best work and delivering that work on an African stage where it would be better appreciated and provoke the understanding of a shared African heritage.

So far, Dada’s mission at AFRIMA has borne great fruits. Going by the plans he has expressed in recent times for the music industry, more fruits are budding.