ComfortRide Launches Platform to Help Luxury Cars Owners Earn Money


As part of an effort to help redefine vehicle leasing in Nigeria, Comfort Ride has debuted to help luxury car owners earn money when they lease their cars on its platform.

The company stated that it is set to disrupt the car leasing market in a bid to turn luxury cars into assets that will regularly serve as revenue streams for its owners when they are not in use of them.

Comfort Ride was said to be venturing into the global car leasing market projected to grow from $73.30 billion in 2021 to $123.87 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 7.8% in the forecast period, 2021-2028 according to a report by Fortune Business Insights.

Commenting on the innovative service offered by the company and how its platform will help cars owners earn money, Azizat Atanda, Brand and Customer Relationship Manager, Comfort Ride said “Work or no work you are guaranteed a stable income that can help you meet your financial needs. List your executive vehicles with us to earn even while you are sleeping.

“No matter the worth of your luxury vehicles, if it can’t generate income and still serve your luxury lifestyle at the same time, then it may not be an asset well maximised.

“You can’t afford to have invested hugely in executive vehicles while you still have to source funds from other ventures for maintenance, fueling, and others. Your vehicles are also your asset, and they are to contribute to your income and not taken from you. Register with us today and lease your vehicles to embark on a profitable ride with us,” he stated.

Atanda added that the company ensures timely payment, offers a good rate to car owners, regular usage, and vehicle safety. “Our rates to our partners are very flexible, negotiable and stimulating and yet competitive. Different rates are applicable depending on the types of vehicles. Also, we understand the time value for money; hence, it is our top priority to treat our partners’ payments as very fast as possible,” she stated.

Agbolade Adebowale Adeolu, CEO, Amandal Global Links, one of the car owners currently using the platform said, “We at Amandal Global Links really appreciate our partnership with ComfortRide. Their prompt response to payment and their request for the usage of our vehicles is indeed a commendable one, ” 

In the same vein, another car owner, Gboyega Adebayo, CEO, Handy Basket Superstore revealed, “Indeed, I can’t but always want to be part of this great platform. Listing my vehicles here has availed me the privilege to use them for my regular outing at my wish, while I can still let them out for usage through this platform to generate income when I am not using them, instead of parking them at my garage. This is a gap close to asset utilisation. Kudos!”.