PDP Chieftain Calls for Resuscitation of Moribund Refineries

Sylvester Idowu

Chairman of DAS Energy Services Limited,Warri and former governorship aspirant on the platform of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Delta State, Chief Sunny Onuesoke has commended the federal government for heeding the lamentations of Nigerians to suspend the removal of fuel subsidy.

The PDP chieftain, who has always been a critic of anti people’s federal government policies, said the decision to suspend the planned fuel subsidy removal has saved the country from another round of protests that would have crippled the nation and throw Nigerians into unnecessary hardship.

But while commending the move by the federal government, Onuesoke, in a statement yesterday, advised the government to use the window of the suspension of the subsidy removal to fix the nation’s four refineries to work optimally.

“The only way out over this subsidy issue is for government to get the four refineries working at optimal level to bring the petroleum products prices to the barest minimum”, he admonished.

The PDP chieftain pointed out that if the Warri, Port Harcourt and Kaduna refineries are in good working condition the issue of paying fuel subsidy will be minimize or totally eradicated hence the oil is drilled and produce within Nigeria.

He argued that the country has no reason for not bringing back its moribund domestic refineries adding that it is a shame for Nigeria to remain the only OPEC member that imports more than 90 per cent of its refined petroleum needs.

He maintained that the precipitous removal of fuel subsidy without making strategic plans or giving particular attention to the domestic refining is tantamount to strangulating hand-to-mouth Nigerians.

“Before the removal of the fuel subsidy in the future, it will indeed be a very good idea for Nigeria to go all out to resuscitate its four comatose refineries and embark on building new others in order to mitigate the consequences of the withdrawal. The poser here is why Nigeria’s four ailing refineries are yet to be resuscitated?” he queried.

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