Kidnapping on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

The security situation in Nigeria is getting out of hand and no part of the country is spared. That is why politicians must stop playing politics with the situation. The emergence of Amotekun in the south west has helped greatly to curb insecurity but I must confess, it has only been the Amotekun in Ondo and Oyo States that has been proactive.

The Lagos- Ibadan expressway that stretches 132 kilometers to Ibadan has become a den for kidnappers as it has large swathes of ungoverned spaces. Only last week two people were killed in a commercial bus when kidnappers attacked commuters after Ibadan. And only recently another kidnapping incident happened around the Isara area with the kidnappers demanding a N20million ransom.

I must confess the Lagos-Ibadan expressway is unsafe and all hands must on deck to solve the security challenge.

Recently the Aare Ona Kankanfo accused the police of lack of cooperation in fighting kidnapping on the express road and I shudder to hear that because this is not the time to trade blames. This is the time to work together to stop pervasive insecurity. Lagos – Ibadan expressway is fast becoming another Wild Wild West. I have missed several family visits out of fear. Something should be done.

Rufai Oseni,

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