‘I Killed Hanifa with N100 Rat Poison’


There was drama at the headquarters of the Kano State Police Command yesterday, when the killers of Hanifa were paraded.

Fatima Maina, mother of the murdered girl, attacked the teacher/school proprietor (Tanko) who was the mastermind of the killing.

A source at the police station said: “The parents of the child were the ones who got there first. Later, Tanko and other suspects were brought in by the police. Immediately Fatima sighted Tanko, she charged towards him, raining slaps and blows on him as she demanded why he took her daughter’s life. The drama continued for a while until policemen whisked the prime suspect away.”

Later, Tanko narrated how he used a N100 rat poison to kill Hanifa.

He said: “I picked her inside Keke NAPEP and I carried her to my own house where I lied to my wife that the girl was a daughter to one of the women working in my school and that the mother travelled and pleaded for us to keep the girl for some days. My wife accepted and kept the girl for that reason.

“I realised that the girl’s parents were informed that when picking her up, she made mention of ‘uncle’. This gave me the impression that they might be suspecting me as the uncle.
“Then after some time, after some days, some of my teachers visited my house very early in the morning and when they came, I was also suspecting that they were sent over to the house to find out whether the girl was there with me.

“So, I decided that it was better I found a way before I would be caught. I first thought of sending this girl to another state but again, I thought the whole town was aware that she was missing. If the girl was going to be sent out through the main roads, we would be caught. So, that was when I conceived the idea of killing her.

“I picked her up at home; she was already sleeping, it was getting to 11pm. I picked her up… I used to always drink tea… I was drinking tea at that time, so I put the remaining tea in an empty container of BoBo yogurt and then I poured in this rat killer poison inside and gave it to the girl, not in my own house.

“When we went to the other school, when we were passing, I told her that I was taking her back to her uncle’s house. So, as we were going, I gave her the drink on the road and she drank it and then we entered one branch of the school; the branches are two. We entered the other branch with her and I told her I was going to pick something inside. She entered and that was where she finally died.

“I bought the poison N100. I buried her in the school. Let me clear this doubt. People are thinking that it has to do with ritual, this is not rituals. I buried her inside the school simply because I was not able to find any secure place to dig a hole.”