NBBF Crisis: Ugboaja Vows to Resume Work as Players’ Rep

Olawale Ajimotokan

A member of the Musa Kida-led board of the Nigeria Basketball Federation, (NBBF), Ejike Ugboaja, has vowed to resume work as a players’ representative on the board of NBBF.

His reaction was on the heel of a letter on the social media by NBBF Secretary-General, Mrs Afolabi Oluwayemi Olabisi, where in she referred to Musa Kida as the NBBF president even after his tenure had elapsed and his board dissolved.

In the letter: (NBBF/M.31/2021/Vol.IV/93) dated October 26, 2021, she announced the dissolution of the NBBF Caretaker Committee headed by Musa Kida with immediate effect, in preparation for the elective congress.

Ejike insisted that since the Sports Ministry is confused and in the valley of indecision to keep Musa Kida as the president of the Federation even after the tenure of his board has elapsed, he will assume his duty as players’ representative on the board.

“Going backward after dissolving the board and caretaker committee to refer to the same person as president of NBBF when you are supposed to conduct another election is not the best way to go,” Ugboaja raged.

Speaking further, Ugboaja expressed disappointment with Sports Ministry’s action, saying he suspect the Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare, “is either under a spell or operating in undue pressure” to take such a position.

“I’m very disappointed with the Ministry for referring to Musa Kida as president of the NBBF because they ought to understand as intelligent and educated people that the position of NBBF presidency is not by appointment and since the election has not been held, why recognize someone whose tenure has since elapsed as president.

“I think the Minister is under a tremendous pressure to take such a position unless he comes out to say that the letter is fake or a mistake. The onus lies on him to tell the world the truth and what the true position is.

“The only way forward is change; because we need to start doing things the right way to revive Nigeria’s basketball. I was drafted into the NBA from Nigeria and there are talents in Nigeria but instead of concentrating on developing the talents, build the game, we are busy engaging in political fights.”

Reinforcing the argument, the Chairman, Kaduna State Basketball Association and President Nigeria’s basketball technical commissioners, Skambo Morrison, insisted that the ongoing struggle to salvage Nigeria’s basketball from a chain of bad leadership would continue.

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