Dividends of Democracy Awards to Hold in Abuja

Mary Nnah

Dividends of Democracy Awards, an initiative rested on transparency, accountability, integrity and leadership abilities displayed by all public officers and politicians is set to hold in Abuja come June 15, 2022.

The awards, according to the coordinator, Mr Rufus Oba, will be based on merits, achievements, projects and programmes, among other things initiated; which have given dividends to the citizenry.

The awards, Oba said further, will also be a good avenue for Nigerians to vent their anger, displeasure on politicians and policies that are anti-friendly to the people, while politicians who have performed well will also be encouraged.

“The essence of any good government is to work side by side with its citizens to provide a conducive environment for the citizens to realise their dreams and goals, making available at least the basic necessities of life – water, shelter, electricity, health care and food at affordable prices, as well as protect lives and properties and provide a peaceful atmosphere.

“The best definition of democracy is government by the people and for the people, going by this fact it shows that the people are key to choosing or electing their representatives, hence this awards for Nigerians to vote through a dedicated SMS platform and online to score their representatives in all political positions on how well they had performed and if they truly deserve another chance, based on successes recorded to uplifting lives and the society, what impact they had made so far in improving lives and communities.”

He explained further that this people-oriented excellence award is powered by Nigerians of all ages.

“It is the people’s choice award. It will serve as a report card for the politicians and as a scorecard for the electorates, starting with the local government chairmen all across the country to the States’ Assembly members to both National Assemblies, Ministers etc”, he added.

The awards coordinator noted further that the awards will be credible as well as authentic, worthy and well sought after as Nigerians will be given the opportunity to speak out their minds during the voting exercise.

He disclosed further that renowned and experienced journalists and activists, chosen market women and some students from across Nigeria will make up a team of people to verify, confirm claims of projects and programmes of the highest voted for politicians for the award.

“The beauty of this national mini election is based on first performance and impact made by Nigerians of all ages and are eligible to vote as there is no age restriction or status or limit to age unlike the general INEC conducted elections, you can vote from the comfort of your homes, schools, markets and business places not traveling distances away from your communities, free from the sun heat but at your convenience, more so voting will last for 30 days for electorates to properly assess the politicians.

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