Dattijo’s Posters Flood Kaduna as Buhari Inaugurates Projects

Loyalists and supporters of Muhammad Sani Abdullahi (Dattijo) on Thursday flooded Kaduna State with campaign posters and other materials as President Muhammadu Buhari inaugurated some projects in the state.

The supporters of the former chief of staff were seen in strategic locations during the president’s visit to the state.

The supporters were in buses in the metropolis with different banners hailing President Buhari and the governor of the state, Nasir el-Rufai, for their landmark achievements, chanting ‘Sai Dattijo’ as they drove round the state.

Dattijo, who is currently the Commissioner for Budget and Planning in the state, is yet to declare his governorship intention, but the display from support groups in the state signals events leading to the 2023 elections.

Buhari on Thursday inaugurated three road projects in Kafanchan, headquarters of Jema’a Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

The roads were Katsina road, Dan haya road and the Emir Palace Road, constructed under the Kafanchan Urban Renewal Project of the state government.

Buhari, in company with the state governor, el-Rufai, toured the newly inaugurated roads, amidst cheers by the huge crowd of people who trooped out to welcome the president.

While inaugurating the Kawo Bridge, the president recalled how he was almost bombed near the bridge while travelling to Katsina in July 2014.

Buhari said: “They wanted to blow me (up). But my escort somehow stopped them. Before we came to this bridge, they became so desperate and there was a small market or something like this here.

“They exploded (detonated) the device (bomb). God protected us and here I am again. Thank you very much your Excellency and remarkably you became my governor. I don’t think I have any input. Zainab Ahmed became my Minister of Finance. I didn’t know you’re from the gentleman I respect and went to his house. This is a fabulous coincidence and I thank God for it. Therefore, I have taken your loyalty for granted.”

The Kawo bridge has become a cynosure of all eyes, which has attracted many tourists to Kaduna since its completion.

Buhari also inaugurated the ultra-modern sports and shopping complex at Murtala Square Kaduna, where he reiterated the likelihood of his living in Kaduna after leaving office.

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