‘Sao and The Muse 5’, An Inspiring Showcase of Art


Sunday Ehigiator

Offering countless options to experience art, Lagos has no shortage of creativity as most evident at Sao and the Muse 5, held recently at the Sao Café, a lively casual-dining restaurant located in the heart of Lekki, in Lagos State.

The organisers of the annual avant-garde event, the 5th edition, decided to turn pain and passion into art, using the theme ‘The Rebirth’ as a catalyst for boundary-pushing storytelling.

This idea according to a statement from the organisers was inspired “after Sao Café was gutted by a devastating fire earlier this year.” They enlisted the help of a multi-hyphenate and creative consultant, Bella Adeleke, who curated an eclectic mix of celebrated artists to redefine the art experience.

Guests were treated to immersive installations and exhibitions from sounds to visuals, including an experiential solo exhibition showcased by the resident muse, British-Nigerian multi-disciplinary performance artist Sadiq Ajibola Williams where the power of music was expressed through the lens of creativity.

It was accompanied by a jaw-dropping, vibrant graffiti piece by visual artist and expressionist Dricky Stickman depicting the image of a phoenix brought to life.

A striking outdoor bar area was customised by Osa-7 in collaboration with Absolut Vodka, while a stunning nude photography exhibition by Dara Banjo showed dynamic and provocative pieces which evoked raw emotions centred around body image and self-reflection.

Finally, Henna by Jumai interpreted the theme beautifully, continuing with the phoenix motif. DJ Ayizan also took everyone on a magical journey with her unique playlist.

This edition of ‘Sao and The Muse’ represented endurance and the beauty of being indestructible.

“The featured works were presented to celebrate resilient memories, feelings, and experiences which otherwise might fade away into the depths of time. The show runs throughout January and is open to the public,” the statement read.