JCI Organises Quality Leadership Value Seminar


Hamid Ayodeji

Junior Chamber International (JCI) Ikeja has organised a quality leadership value seminar aimed at sensitising business owners on quality leadership skills.

According to the non-profit organisation, quality leadership value contributes a vital role to the sustainability of a nation’s economic development.

The President, Junior Chamber International Ikeja, Tricia Inalu speaking recently in Lagos, during the forum explained that everyone has the capacity to lead because each person influences someone at one point or the other.

“Good leadership is not only the responsibility of individuals in government; rather everyone is a leader in one capacity or the other, influencing people and the society as a whole.

“If and when we get it right in our individual niches we would get it right as a nation. So, it is essential to equip ourselves with the right and necessary skills for effective leadership.

“As we get better at our respective spheres of influence it is expected that the ripple effect would get to the governing of the nation as leadership starts with the citizens.

“Some of the key factors that have to do with leadership are building character, keeping our words, building competence as they are factors of quality leadership.

“Leadership starts with each of us so we cannot blame the leadership problem on the government alone because we as citizens are the leaders. So, if each of us take it as a collective and individual responsibility to lead ourselves appropriately and adequately it would have a positive impact on leadership at the government level,” Inalu said.

She further said: “Regarding leadership in places of work; give your work your best and be diligent with your work because eventually your work would speak for you and you would inevitably climb the ladder.
“Whatever position you hold, equip yourselves with skills in areas you know you are deficient in order to improve yourself and actively participate in your job role and in no time you would be a leader in your workplace.

“Also, mentorship is vital towards generating good leaders and impacting the society. In building leadership skills, in becoming a better leader it is important to identify people who have traveled the road you intend to travel and connect with them, learn from them and learn from their mistakes and with that you can succeed.”

In his remark, 1991 President, Junior Chamber International Ikeja, Olumide Ajomale said, “As the founder of the quality leadership value seminar in 1997 I realised that in our society we were not preaching the values of leadership. So, as a leadership organisation I felt we should be talking about leadership values.

“In our present times it has become a lot more crucial that this message still needs to be spoken about. Being a good leader is about understanding what it takes to lead, understanding what leadership entails, understanding why leadership is important.

“Leadership is not merely about the title, it is more about the values you possess and project. There are three qualities leaders have in common; they influence people, they motivate people, they provide inspiration.”

Also speaking at the event, Lead Facilitator, Yemisi Peters Consulting Limited, Yemisi Peters said, “A good quality of a leader comprises connection, a leader should know how to connect with people and relate with them efficiently.”