FAME Celebrates Four Year Anniversary

Millions of students in secondary schools across Nigeria do not have access to leadership education.

For the past four years, the non-profit Fashioned and Made for Excellence Foundation, led by founder Raphael Stephen, has been working hard to improve those numbers.

So far, they’ve been able to provide access to quality leadership education to over 13 thousand students.

It is amazing how a vision that started as a random idea in the heart of a passionate corp member, has evolved into a source of massive transformation to the next generation of leaders.

The leading non-profit organisation based in Ibadan, Nigeria teaches leadership, transferable skills, and basic digital skills to students in secondary schools.

They have an enviable team of competent volunteers who come to classrooms, facilitate and teach about the importance of leadership and good values.

“We’ve gone from reaching 21 students here in Ibadan, Nigeria when we started and we’ve reached over 13,000 by the end of the first quarter this year,” Daniel Akinyemi, Programs Manager.

Raphael Stephen, Executive Director, Fashioned and Made for Excellence Foundation, reaffirmed during a press briefing to mark the organisation’s 4th anniversary that “its programs would continuously be accessible to students in public secondary schools at no cost.”

He pledged during a press briefing to inform the public about the program lineup for the 2021 year.

While expressing confidence that the leading non-profit organisation would achieve its objective of reaching 1,000,000 youths by 2030.

He called on key players in the private and public sectors to partner with FAME. To improve the delivery of practical education, and particularly leadership education, to address Nigeria’s leadership crisis.

In a similar development, the Fashioned and Made for Excellence Foundation have a lineup of programs to effectively develop our students, in 2021.

Some of these programs include Fame Global Leadership Program which would impact 5,000 Students selected from 100 public secondary schools in Ibadan and Oyo State.

The Fame Lead Day program for Public Secondary School Prefects will impact 1,500 prefects in 50 public schools in Ibadan.

FAME Board Chair, Dr Sina Adegunle in his remarks, appreciated all partners and donors of the organisation for their relentless support to the organisation, he also charged the beneficiaries to continuously live out the values instilled in them, look for opportunities to pay it forward and continuously influence their peers positively.

FAME believes that through deliberate investments in students in secondary schools, we can contribute to the end of our leadership crisis in our lifetime.

We are grateful to all our selfless Humans of Fame, for their unwavering commitment. Our exceptional Board Members, donors, partners and the Oyo State Ministry of Education for working with us to educate and grow more value-driven and effective leaders for Nigeria.

FAME has built a record of accomplishment over the past four years by delivering high-quality leadership programs to secondary school students across Nigeria and recently hit a major milestone of 13,000 students reach at the end of the first quarter of 2021.

Fashioned and Made for Excellence Foundation is a leading non-profit leadership education organisation operating in Ibadan, Nigeria. FAME is dedicated to providing access to quality leadership education for students in secondary schools.

FAME started operations in Nigeria in the 2nd quarter of 2017, and since then has reached over 12,000 students in over seventy schools in Ibadan, through over 1,000 volunteers.

FAME offers FREE leadership education programs tailored to add value to young people between the ages of 13 – 19 in Nigeria.

FAME is seeking to reach 1,000,000 young people in Nigeria by the end of year 2030. For more information visit: https://thefameinitiatve.org.

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