Why Does Nigerian Gambling Commissions Need Own GamStop

The Nigerian Gambling Commission is the main regulatory body overseeing all gambling activities in Nigeria. Like in other jurisdictions, any potential casino operation within the country is required to obtain a licence from the NGC. However, the law against certain kinds of gambling activities has discouraged several operators from getting licensed by the NGC and instead of looking to bodies like the UKGC for licensing.

More disturbing is the NGC’s lack of coverage for online gambling activities within its jurisdiction. With the steady increase in online casino games, it is undeniable that stricter rules and regulations to protect players are necessary. The UKGC, for example, has made GamStop mandatory for casinos operating under its license. This not only makes players feel more comfortable, but it also helps provide safety for vulnerable players. In this article, we’ll take a look at why the Nigerian Gambling Commissions.

Protection for Vulnerable Players
Gambling problems are more prevalent now than ever before. Many people may easily draw a link between the current rise in gambling addiction and online gambling. However, whether or not there indeed is a connection remains uncertain. We know that more Nigerians now partake in online gambling since there are few or no land-based casinos in the country and not all gambling activities are legal. With more people seeking online gambling fun, the Nigerian Gambling Commissions could easily protect vulnerable players with a program like GamStop.

So far, GamStop has been useful to many gamblers in the UK as they can voluntarily exclude themselves from licensed operators that aren’t listed at non GamStop portals such as NonStopCasino.org or NonGamStopBets.com. A similar service could be useful for Nigerian online punters who feel the need to take a step back from gambling pending when they are mentally fit to control their betting activities.

The most beautiful part of using Gamstop is that it allows any person who wishes to self-exclude to choose the duration of their ban. Thus, the Nigerian Gambling Commissions could enlighten gamblers on the usefulness of responsible gambling and tell them how much power they wield when tailoring their self-exclusion. Additionally, since GamStop is restricted to the UK, creating a similar program or working with a responsible gambling service to create a GamStop alternative for Nigerians could be useful.

Fewer Complaints and Debts
Players are always in need of help when they fall into the hands of unregulated and fraudulent casino platforms online. Interestingly, cases of complaints and debts rarely arise in places like the Uk because of strict laws put in place by the UK gambling commissions. In Nigeria, however, cases of complaints and debts are never reported to the NGC because the commission doesn’t regulate online gambling.

Assuming the Nigerian gambling commission owns a GamStop alternative. In that case, it has some form of coverage of the online gambling space in Nigeria, and it can easily protect gamblers. At the same time, gamblers who are more likely to be victims of debts due to gambling can self-exclude.

More Chances to Fine Operators
Money is a huge part of gambling. Players gamble to make more money while having a swell time, and operators run gambling businesses to make even more money. However, regulatory bodies have also been found to generate money for the government of their unique jurisdictions via taxes, registrations, and fines levied on operators. For the Nigerian gambling commission, the main source of income is restricted to funds generated from the registration of lottery operators and the taxes these operators pay.

A venture into the regulation of online casino activities and the introduction of a service such as GamStop could potentially generate more money for the commission. The commission can fine operators who are not under GamStop and operate with a UK gambling commission license. In severe cases, licenses can be revoked.

If the NGC decides to implement such laws and introduce a self-exclusion scheme, defaulting gambling operators can be fined a fixed amount as punishment.

Creating awareness of the need for responsible gambling is an essential duty of all reputable gambling regulatory bodies. In fact, Introducing a self-exclusion program can help the NGC protect more vulnerable gamblers and keep fraudulent operators in check. However, it may take a while for the Nigerian online gambling space to witness any regulations for the commission.

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